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NY Money Minute

NY Money Minute: Solutions for Main St.


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Join us as we show everyday folks, middle class New Yorkers, how to earn more, save more, get properly protected, and de-stress from money worries.Cut debt, get your family properly protected, plan for retirement, invest...for today, for tomorrow (the kids' college, your retirement), and your dreams, yes your dreams.

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The stock market mystifies many, but basically it is where business with ideas go to get funding to transform their ideas into reality. Like Apple Computer, working in the garage with a simple idea, they got investors to believe in their ideas and... more

ARe you earning a guaranteed loss with a CD? Listen in as we explain how. Become an owner, not a loaner. CDs give you a guarantee, but a guaranteed loss. Listen to us and send for your guide to money, How Money Works. Go to... more

How would you feel if your family were a pawn in another's plan to get rich? Banks changed the tone of their advertising in the late 1990s. The subliminal message of the new slogans: Spend beyond your means! • ?Live Richly?... more

What's in your wallet? Make it cash, not plastic. To be fair, plastic is much sexier than a piece of colored paper with a president staring vaguely into the distance. And yet, from a personal finance view, cash is almost always the better... more

Play lotto for fun, but not for retirement. The way you think about money is everything. Your mindset is a powerful thing – especially when it comes to money. That explains why so many of the people who win the lottery …... more

By taking into account the interest rate and amount of debt, debt stacking identifies an ideal order for you to pay off your debts. You begin by making consistent payments on all of your debts. The debt that debt stacking suggests... more

Many people now diversify their savings/investments, through mutual funds (owning a small share of many stocks or bonds). Others diversify with time-tested commodities like gold and silver. Many do both. Why Buy Gold? According to... more

A professor of mine once said, "Why do I feel better when I have $20 in my pocket than nothing?" 92% of workers report high stress over money matters according to Corporate Wellness Magazine. This stress results in migraines,... more

We're trying to get through this maze called life and what crucial information are we lacking? Please join us and if you can't, contact us for a free informational meeting. There's a lot of needless fear and bad feelings about money. We go to... more

Who says you can't build wealth? Working Americans have the power to build savings and investments.. And it doesn't mean winning lotto. By freeing up $500 or more each month--by not overpaying taxes, by reducing debt, by... more