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Normally, we are talk radio. Like sports talk radio, just hip hoppier. SInce we have a no-music policy (aside from an occasional 'song-of-the-week') we thought it'd be cool to dedicate an episode to New York hip hop music, with... more

For tonight's show, we'll be talking with Calvan Fowler, a filmmaker exploring the world of sneaker obsession, with his documentary Jordan Heads. We'll talk about the film, and a bit about how hip hop and commercialism often go hand in... more

We're back after a brief Labor Day weekend break, and recapping some recent NY-area hip hop events including the 13th anniverdary of the End of the Weak weekly open mic showcase, and the album release party for the Bronx's YC... more

It's a topic we've spoken on before, and will undoubtedly touch again. New York hip hop radio, with a particular focus on the "major" hip hop stations in the area, Hot 97 and Power 105.1. Do they do enough to suuport New York's hip hop... more

Kendrick Lamar lit the rap world on fire with his aggressive verse and name/region-dropping. The reactions, and responses, have been varied. We are going to have the DEFINITIVE discussion about it, as only we can. Join us... more

Today, August 11, is the unoffical birthday of hip hop. To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of what has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon and a part of Americana, the New York City Parks Foundation has... more

As we do every week at about this time, The NY Hip Hop Report brings you the only all-talk, NY hip hop-minded radio show on the planet, complete with discussion, debate, event reviews and previews and more. Tonight, we'll talk... more

This week, on The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces we'll speak with the makers of King Kong. Not the movie. Not the remake movie. The hip hop musical comedy version of the classic tale. We'll also recap the Rock Steady Crew's... more

As we do (almost) every week, The NY Hip Hop Report discusses and recaps recent New York-area hip hop events, previews those that are upcoming, and talks about issues related to the New York hip hop universe, from mainstream... more

He's been bringing huge hip hop concerts to Brooklyn long before there was a Barclays Center, and tonight, Brooklyn Bodega's Wes Jackson will talk to us, and preview this year's 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, coming up this... more