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Following up on our remarkable special episode last Tuesday, Hip Hop & Race: A Talk Show Town Hall, this will be the last episode of 2014. We'll take a look at the year in hip hop, particularly as it relates to our New York rap ecosystem. We'll... more

As usual, there are a ton of hip hop happenings in and around the Mecca of hip hop music and culture. The South Bronx, the birthplace, was just featured on an episode of Anthony Bourdain's CNN series, Parts Unknown, and many of the... more

The Source360 weekend "festival" hit Brooklyn this weekend, and the big highlight was the Wu-Tang reunion concert at Barclays Center. Not sure what else it might have accomplished, but we'll be discussing festivals, and the influence of... more

We saw it, but we still kinda don't believe it. Your Old Droog made his first major public appearance at New York's Webster Hall, clearly proving himself to not be Nas, which conspiracy theorists had suspected for months.... more

Well, the mystery of Your Old Droog has come to a close. Or has it? The mysterious MC, who many have insisted is a personification of an intricate wool-over-your-eyes plot by legendary lyricist Nas, has seemingly emerged as... more

It's one of those times in America when it's hard to just act like everything is normal. So while we are going to have our show, and continue with the normal things we do (reviewing and previewing NY hip hop events, delivering a few new... more

This should be another discussion-filled episode, as we talk about Nicki Minaj's latest provacative cover art controversey. As we always do, we'll make sure to cover all elements of hip hop in New York City, and this week, the Rock Steady... more

New York hip hop is once again buzzing loudly, with the recent explosive rise of Brooklyn's Bobby Shmurda. Thanks to the power of the meme, his #ShmoneyDance and the song it was derived from, exploded across social... more

We'll be talking about the 10th Anniversary Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, the aftermath of the Total Slaughter Pay-Per-View battle rap extravaganza and speak with Kev Swif, who is working to create a documentary on the world's greatest... more

Thanks for joining us on Episode 095 of New York's #1 hip hop talk radio show, The NY Hip Hop Report with Manny Faces. This week, a bit of an open discussion, including new NY-area hip hop releases (including Your Old Droog,... more