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Join YG Nyghtstorm and his wife Toby as they help you take action and solve the REAL issues that are relevant in your life.

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Unfortunately relationships don't always last forever. There comes a point when two people decide being together just is not working and it is time to part ways. Some times, however, the parting of ways is not always a mutual decision and... more

Everyday thousands of women are faced with the decision of abortion. Sometimes the choice is considered due to an unplanned pregnancy but there is also the factor fetal defects or possible health risk to the mother if a fetus is carried to... more

What do you do when your children don't like the new man or woman that you are absolutely crazy about. Join us as we discuss how to navigate this issue.

Today's new normal of family life is changing. More and more gay couples are wanting to complete their family with the addition of a child. Join us as we discuss the challenges that come with trying to raise a child while dealing with... more

As a parent you want to support and protect your children, even from themselves but what do you do when no matter what you do your teenager will not stop committing crimes and refuses to change. Join us as we discuss this topic.

Once upon a time a wedding ring was a respected as symbol that a person was off limits and stay away. Today however more and more people are viewing it as just a technicallity. Join Nyghtstorms All Action New Talk as we discuss the... more

Lee Thompson Young, Don Cornelius, Kurt Cobain, Phyllis Hyman, Dana Plato, Mindy McCready. All are names we know and all have one thing in common. They committed suicide. The list goes on and on and not only... more

What do you do when your kids are no longer afraid of you and are bigger then you are and have decided they wear the pants in the house and are not going to listen to you anymore? Join us as we discuss techniques for bringing your... more

Like millions of people who suffer from some form of mental illness your host Y.G. Nyghtstorm once again shows he is not afraid to be transparent as he helps others deal with their adversity by discussing his personal battle with clinical... more

Whether you are married or single and dating there are issues that everyone deal with in relationships. Some common traps are assumed to be common sense no-nos where as others are the typical getting to know you growing pains of a... more
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