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    IN honor of the late Dr. Sebi

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    Brain Training/ Healing with Sound

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    Certified hypnotherapist and NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Systems guru,Craig Walker, will be sharing his geek's perspective into this exciting brain training with sound system.
    Sandy Cameron NC RMT, also known as "The Farmer Chick," is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Usui Reiki Master.
    Her passion for food began as a child with a desire to become an ethnobotanist. Her service range from a need to break a diet soda habit to rounding out a vegan diet to working with health challenges to learning how to make soup. She also dabbles in Herbal Medicine, having various products she offers to locals, fans, and clients. She has worked with her own son to overcome moderate autism.
    Sandy will guide you to healthier options for you that assist you with Mind, Body and Soul Balancing.

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    Looking at the Common Cold from a different light

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    Have you ever wondered why the medical approach can't cure the "common cold"?  It's a simple thing right?
    Well what if  the common cold was a reaction - not to germs but to internal conflict? and what if the symptom was a beautiful healing strategy. What if these stages were predictable...and what if you could identify these stages and improve your health at each stage.
    Listen in and learn the German New Medicine perspective of colds, symptoms of the flu and illness. 
    Cathy Hohmeyer interviews Deanna Courtney - local expert n German New Medicine. Deanna has traveled to Austria for extesive training; and just this Fall went again to the International Conference and workshop in Toronta Canada. Deanna will be continuing to educate people on German New Medicine perspective here locally and online.
    Deanna offers Live Local TALKS : go to Activate WellnessNaturally.com
    Email Deanna here:    Deannacourtney@gmail.com
    The GERMAN NEW MEDICINE WEBSITE is FREE for all    www.learninggnm.com
    Chef Cathy is offering a 4 module Winter Wellness Cooking Class to give comforting principles you can apply not only when you are healing...but cooking year round. This interview is part of the bonuses for this class. see www.nourishing9d.com for more cooking and health related topics.

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    3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living

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    Have you recently been diagnosed with Celiac or a Gluten Intolerance?  Are you now left with the question…”Where do I start?” a Gluten-Free life?  This is the perfect place to begin your journey.  I’m here to make it easy with my three practical steps to Gluten-Free Living: eliminating gluten, transitioning your heart and home, and substituting tasty, gluten-free foods and ingredients in your recipes and your pantry.
    With a little bit of humor and inspiring enthusiasm, my 3 Steps to Gluten-Free Living teaches that gluten-free eating can be healthy–if you do it the right way. I focus on using wholesome, naturally gluten-free foods as well as having some convenient, prepackaged gluten-free products (and lots of tips and tricks) to help you keep from straying off course.
    Some Topics covered include:
    Alternative gluten-free grains Reading labels Substitutable ingredients & products Shopping & brands Eating-out & social situations Traveling Positive attitude & family support  

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    Alq Gurly Ifbb pro

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    Alq joins the show

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    Closing off from the world

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    Hello and happy 24. Join me Lyra as we discuss closing off from the world and why. We all close off from the world but do we learn. Let's talk

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    Cracking The Health And Wealth Code

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    Jay Clark and Linda Polite One Thing and Seed nutrition 

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    Becoming a Healthy Foodie will improve your life

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    In less that 10 minutes listen to why being a healthy foodie and learning about healthy eating habits is detrimental to your well being and longevity. Water, "We are what we eat" and Fats, Carbs and Sugars are things we should know about when starting off the right path to a healthy lifestyle. Begin that path now with 8 common sense tips. Watch Morgan Spurlocks Supersize Me, the documentary that spawn the national debate on fast food restaraunt culture in America and cut back on fast food restaurant visits.

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    Danielle Pashko on GLUTEN FREE snacks that make you FAT

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    Not all gluten free products are created equal.  Sure it sounds healthy to be free of gluten but the truth is some of those snacks can actually make you fat.  Holistic Nutritionist Danielle Pashko joins us to explain how this could be so, what to look out for, what you may want to try instead, and more.  We will also be touching on some of the highlights of her two books, "Breaking Your Fat Girl Habits" and "Smile At Your Challenges".
    Danielle Pashko has been working in the fitness, beauty, and wellness industries for almost two decades.  She is also a certified yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, fashion model, and thyroid cancer survivor.  She has worked with clients at The Sports Club LA, The Reebok Sports Club, Equinox Fitness, The Peninsula Spa and Exhale Spa.  Her modeling experience includes print, fashion shows, and on-camera work.  Danielle has been a consultant to several prestigious doctors to develop weight loss and detoxification programs.  Additionally, she has collaborated with specialists such as Plastic Surgeons, Integrative Physicians and Dermatologists to develop their own lines of nutraceutical products/nutritional supplements.  Danielle has contributed to articles and videos on health and beauty for the NY Post, Fox News, Women's Health Magazine, Reader's Digest, The Jewish Week, Yahoo Shine, Galtime, JCoach, Betty Confidential, Daily Burn, and NY Wellness Guide.
    Currently she operates her own wellness company, you can learn more at:

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