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Nur uz-Zamaan Institute's online radio program. We discuss historical and contemporary (relevant)issues from an Islamic perspective. Our programing will place emphasis on Islam in Africa, African-American Muslims, Shehu Uthman Dan Fodiyo, & other related social issues.

Upcoming Broadcasts

Come learn about the lives of the Sahaabah (the Companions - may Allah be pleased with all of them) of Allah's beloved - Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace! This class - broadcast live from Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - is designed to zoom in on the lives of the best people to ever step foot on the face of the earth (excluding, of course, the Prophets and Messengers). The information and knowledge imparted in this class is often overlooked, but nonetheless essential for any real understanding of Islam. After this class, it will be obvious why Allah chose these blessed and unique human beings to accompany his beloved - may Allah bless him and grant him peace. This class is taught by Imam Malik Mutasawwif who is one of our young Imams at Masjid Uthman Dan Fodiyo
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On-Demand Episodes

Amir Khalil Abdullahi of Nur uz Zamaan Institute.

"Taraweeh Salah and its components" with Imam Naeem Abdullah.

Amir Khalil Abdullahi will go over some of the rules and Adab (mannerism) which pertain to the Month of Ramadan - the Month which Muslims fast.

Imam Na'eem Abdullah discusses this important and controversial topic

Amir Khalil Abdullahi and Imam Naeem Abdullah will discuss the different aspects of our Jamaat's methodology.

Khutbah given by Imam Naeem Abdullah titled,"Commitment" @ 8:30pm

Sidi Tariq James delivers a powerful message emphazing the importance of regulating what we allow to enter our hearts!

This show is actually a Jumu'ah khutbah delievered by Imam Na'eem Abdullah; its title is "Bad Asabiyyah". It is, in reality a continuation of the previous weeks khutbah called "Good and Bad Asabiyyah."

Today's show is a pre-recorded Jumu'ah khutbah delivered by Amir Khalil Abdullahi in Philadelphia, PA. We hope and pray to Allah that this khutbah is inspiring as well as beneficial to all who listen to it!

Ummahaatul Ummah Show with Umm Saeed