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Nubian Newz

Nubian Newz Starring Nubian Divine


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Language of the Spirit Comes from a Place of Knowing. How you can pick up on the Language of Lies and Falsehood not Vibrationally aligned in Spirit. With all of the Mis Information in the World we are living in an entire new Paradigm shift.... more

Getting back to self is Divine order of the Hour. Stand on the Knowings of your Vibrations. Chime in as Nubian Divine ( New Being - Tha Vine) Chimes in on this Topic. Time 2 rays your Sun Vapor Vibrational Frequency.

Twin Flame Sciense is Far Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole than we Thought. Prepare to become part of a world of KNOWING. The signs are all around you. Times are Changing. Love as we were told is Opposite. Chime in as Nubian... more

Twin Flames are two halves of a single unit. Creator created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. At this... more

The pain from those past lives comes back when the Runner runs away. Twinflame Energy There can be emotional pain even more when there are reminder from memories of previous past lives when they were disconnected.... more

What is a Twin Flame? Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human... more

Many people are in search all of the planet for everything that will help them deal with their current situations in life. But they're missing one very important thing. Chime in as Nubian Divine goes in to share what does one important thing is. -... more

Returning guests Dr Blynd and Renault Sims goes and on the topic of the importance of young men disconnecting from Mom. - Nubian divine

Simoniz Nubian Divine and goes in on The Changing Times and the vibrational energy that comes along with cause and effect.