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Nubian Newz Press Release Here at Nubian Newz We consider ourselves a very important asset within in the Indigenous community. Nubian Newz is the World’s First Version of our very own News and Social Media Outlet of what's really happening within the Indigenous American Descendant Community. 100% Owned and operated by Indigenous American Descendants, We work with the Indigenous Public were we address Community Issues and services, as we provide accurate knowledge and help regarding our people no matter what the topic may be. The dependency of false media reports about our community from the very people who enslaved us and spent a lifetime working on tactics in which are being used to continue to suppress our people stops here. Here at Nubian Newz, we are here to encounter the inaccuracy regarding the indigenous melanated Race of People. Nubian Newz is a Social Network of like-minded Business Professionals who have dedicated their life to help support the Ascension of our race. This World has stereo typed the Indigenous Race to its lowest ebb of existence. Here @ Nubian Newz we Feature the latest Newz regarding the Indigenous American Descendants. We provide accurate knowledge of what’s truly happening within our neighborhood vs., depending on the reports of those who not only hate us but drive through and set up businesses within our community to get rich off of our people yet never donating one dime to help us build a better tomorrow. Nubian Newz--Were we are in Full Ascension, Operating in Positive Vibrations of Higher Consciousness. Getting our people to over stand The Unity of The American Indigenous Descendants are a Trillion times more important than our differences. Visit us @ Join Us Sunday’s @ 8:30 C.S.T Face Book Like Nubian Newz Donate Today @

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Join Nubian Divine On Nubian Newz at 11:00 PM CST This Sunday 11/23/2014 In Spiritual Detox In this Hour TRUST NO_ONE but your own spirit. For The sake of your soul. You are the only one accountable for you. Therefore you own no... more