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NTheLoop Org. Inc. believes in building a strong community through proactive approaches to political issues that adversely affect such communities. We are about unity and know firsthand the results of a collective mass movement by the people. We are the PEOPLE’S VOICE! Engine: Engaged, empower and amplify the people’s voices on matters, needs, and concerns hindering forward movement, independence, and opportunities; and shed light on the injustice of government practices in providing information, resources, and services required to the public in securing their well-being. Vision: knowledge is power. Our collaborative approach of networking in groups increases bravery, motivation, and involvement in the Bronx local government operations, decisions, and plans that benefit the people. Mission: Deliver the truth with people driven statistics of city service deficiencies, abuse of authority, and misappropriated funds of programs that are concealed, unsuccessful, and useless. We aim to equip those in need of government assistance with data that enable them to advocate against government bureaucracy. Equip the people through teaching that strengthens their motivation, participation, and courage to fight “as one” for righteousness.

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District 12 Community News brings to the forefront all the that is going on in district 12; Woodlawn, Eastchester, Wakefield, Williamsbridge, and Baychester. LET'S TALK 100% CANDID Politics: Council Committee Meetings; Community... more

Informative Session 2/2014 "School Shooting and White Denial" is about massacres committed in caucasian neighborhoods, however, the focus of legislation is GUN VIOLENCE. Mr. Wise; states his truth, he calls it like he sees... more

Sunday, Informative Reading "Mask Racism, Reflection on the Prison Industrial Complex" was a reading on the new body of America with the same old engine. RACISM at it's best Incarceration of colored people, Blacks and Hispanics. This... more

Mass Incarceration is the topic of discussion in the American society. All across borders incarceration is a problem and a great burden on the American people and communities. The reading "Masked Racism" speaks to the profiling... more

Our informative session on Gun Control vs Gun Violence aired Monday, January 7, 2013 at 10:00 am. Discussion time and THE TRUTH about: GUNS, GUN CONTROL AND GUN VIOLENCE. IT'S TIME TO RAISE YOUR VOICE AS THE... more

The NRA (National Rifle Association) & New York City Council Gun Control Task Force has made some proposals in regards to rectifying the use of guns in America. The problem is that we are penetrating all the wrong reasons; like... more
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