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A 2 hour rightly dividing bible study for bible believers, with a focus on end times bible prophecy. With your radio host and bible teacher Geoffrey Grider, editor-in-chief of Now The End Begins.com "Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." Daniel 12:10

On-Demand Episodes

The Lamb opens the seals. After the Rapture of the Church, the time of Jacob's Trouble, otherwise known as the Great Tribulation, takes place on this earth. But the key to understanding these judgments lies in the book of the prophet... more

The vision that John saw. The seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation have great importance to bible believers living in these last days. They are a record of that which was, that which is, and that which is to come. In this... more

Is your heart broken? There are many, many people today - both Christian and non-Christian - who have an unhealed, broken heart. Jesus said that this was one of the main things He was sent here to do, to fix people's broken hearts. In... more

An Angel From Heaven. Many people talk about angels in the bible, some even think they have a guardian angel which keeps them safe and watches over them. But what does the bible have to say about the nature and agency of angels? In... more

Offer thy only son. God made a dear and precious promise to Abraham and Sarah, a promise to bless them with a son who would not only change their lives, but the lives of the whole world. So you can imagine the hurt and confusion... more

The Importance Of Resting And Recharging. In our Christian lives, we are constantly on the go. We hear stories all the time about people getting "burned out" in the ministry. Sometimes people get so tired that they quit and... more

Be Thou My Vision. As we journey through our Christian lives, we like to think that we have a handle on trusting the Lord and walking in His will for us. But every once in awhile we get thrown a spiritual curveball and it's then we realize how... more

Here is wisdom. In our day and age of ever-advancing technology, we are on a collision course with what the bible calls the Mark of the Beast. But what form will it take and when might we expect to see it? On tonight's program, we visit... more

As for God, His way is perfect. King David was a mighty, mighty man of God, and he alone in the entire bible is mentioned by the Holy Spirit as being a "man after God's own heart." David wasn't perfect, and at times was glaringly human, but... more