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A 2 hour rightly dividing bible study for bible believers, with a focus on end times bible prophecy. With your radio host and bible teacher Geoffrey Grider, editor-in-chief of Now The End Begins.com "Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." Daniel 12:10

On-Demand Episodes

The Coming One World Religion. The bible is very clear about what form the One World Religion of the Tribulation will take, and who will receive the worship of the inhabitants of earth. In this live, two-hour KJV bible study program, we examine... more

Chosen before the foundation of the world. There are those who teach and believe that God has chosen certain people to be saved and certain people to be lost. This teaching is sometimes called Calvinism, or Reformed Theology. In... more

The fate of the Jews and Israel. Going all the way back to Genesis, the bible has a lot to say about what will happen to the Jewish people and the land of Israel in the last days. In this live, two-hour KJV bible study program, we look at bible... more

But the bible says so! Have you ever listened to two people debating the bible, using the exact same verses of scripture yet somehow coming to very different conclusions? Have you ever wondered how this could be if the bible is the... more

One door closes another opens. Contained in the 66 books of the Holy Bible, there are 3 main places where great transition occurs. Transitions so great that a new dispensation is formed as a result. But these transitions are not limited to... more

The Mystery Revealed. The Christian Church Age is not an extenstion of the Jewish Dispensation. It is a unique creation as well as a mystery that was revealed by Jesus Christ to the Apostle Paul. In this live, two-hour KJV bible... more

Man is also a trinity. You and were created in the fallen image of Adam and Eve, and we are composed of three parts. Body, soul and spirit. In this live, two-hour KJV bible study program, we look at the tripartite nature of man, and what... more

Daniel dreamed a dream. Daniel was given a series of dreams and visions to think upon and consider. These visions are so important that Jesus says in Matthew 24 that if you want to know about the nature of the Tribulation, you... more

A Sign To The Jews. God commanded the Jews to observe the Sabbath Day and to keep it holy. Does this command also apply to the Church? If it does, then where did Sunday worship come from? In this live, two-hour KJV bible study... more