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Now That I Know it

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I'm Nowellit. Only you can make it happen for yourself. We encourage you to learn proactive, non-pressured decision making strategies. Learn and apply what you know. When you fail to apply proper knowledge you create baggage. Make the most of life's situations and gain a great future, one day at a time. Your future happens daily. Take care to think out your decision making. Ask for help. Do your best, and always look good doing it! Appearance always matters.

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You have everything you need when you have the ability to think. For you can create paths to travel to your destiny. You think your way to lifes riches, or you think your way to poverty. You are the Key.

78% of people polled believe we are headed in the wrong direction. May have been 100 people polled, who knows? But to determine what their right direction would be, we need to know where that 78% want America to head. So let's start... more

America is and always has been a team. A team with big dreams. A team with a heart for their fellowman, for no man is an island. Every person is an individual thinker, yet a united front. We are like a chain. No chain is stronger that its... more

Opportunity is not like daily. Daily comes ready or not, no matter what, no expectations. Opportunity is of a different breed. Expect opportunity. Be ready when opportunity knocks. You never know what to expect. You never know what... more

It is a rough and tough America these days. But, not to worry. The way to face any thing that comes is to arm yourself with education. Education gives you the confidence and the edge you need to conquer challenges. There is no way to... more

Should you buy a home?" The answer is yes. Invest in yourself. Buying a home is a great goal. Veterans and civilians, you are never too young to find ways to purchase a home. It is never too early to start preparing and making decisions... more

Dream and work and enrich your life. Strategies for growth is the way. Working to make ends meet is never enough. Work to gain your wants as well as your needs. Never give up on your dreams. There will be obstacles, but you can hurdle... more

Training and work are like two peas in a pod. You need both constantly. You can work and attend classes. Find the way to the best furture possible. Apprenticeships, On The Job Trainings, Job Corb, Military, Volunteering. All... more

Summer Time-out to plan a great life. Planning for the future is the best move you can make. Before you get your summer on, plan what you will do in the fall. Keep the fall in focus and enjoy summer. Each day leads to your future.... more

Living large daily goes beyond the things you acquire. Your life's desires must be visible in all you do daily. Everything around you should say, loud and clear, where it is you are going. Specific surroundings, incorparated with specific... more
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