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Know Yourself Love Yourself

Nourishing Light


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Every Tuesday at 10am PDT: Learn to nourish and feed yourself with your own Inner Light, and let go of unhealthy eating habits. I bring in guidance from the Angels & Ascended Masters, energy healing techniques, and simple daily tools you can use to help you feel better in your body, get the life you really want, and stabilize your emotions.

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We are all at different stages of growth, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and especialy when it comes to making big changes in our diet and in our lives. Each stage is specific to our unique life experience, and it is very important to... more

It's time to allow joy and peace into your life, regardless of your circumstances. Surrendering your challenges is a profoundly healing and beneficial way to allow the Universe to help you. By "letting go & letting God," you are getting out... more

Do you ever wonder how to keep your thoughts positive while you are going through something really, really challenging? It isn't always easy and it takes a "Miracle Mindset" to shift out of worry, fear, anxiety, etc. and to shift back into... more

Prayer has the power to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Prayer has been scientifically proven to help speed up the recovery of patients in the hospital, as well as change the shape and pattern of water crystals. Juancarlos Soto, from... more

It's time to accept yourself as you are. It's time to accept life on life's terms, and move beyond the illusion of limitation, and step into the life of your dreams. Sounds good, right? Now how do you do that? I hear that question all the time.... more

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and to have the life of your dreams? Do you feel frustrated that it seems so hard or out of reach? You might be missing a very important piece of the puzzle.... more

Hello and welcome to Nourishing Light, a place where we explore the world of food, emotions, and how your own inner light can help you achieve the level of health and happiness that you want more than anything. I will share my own... more

You have big dreams for your life, right? Or you can at least feel that something is coming awake inside of you, almost pushing you to be healthier, do more of what you love, have more loving people around you, etc. Well, that is your soul... more

These days it is so easy to give and give and give some more. We are taught that caring for others is ideal, and caring for ourselves is selfish. This is not true and we need to focus energy on our own needs so we can be filled with... more

If there is one thing I have learned in my challenging life, it's to never give up. Never, ever give up. There is always hope. There is always a light in the dark, and there is always a calm after the storm. Everything is impermanent and... more