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We will be exposing the lies this Fascist Socialist regime has used and is using to sell its agenda to the American people

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What are we doing fighting Vietnam a second time. I fought in the first one and we will have a round table discussion of Vietnam and other veterans proving it is the same. What is it costing us and will continue to cost if not ended?

The next congress will have Tea Party members in their ranks, how long until they become part of the DC system and ignore their mandate?

We explore the costs in the military to the people and the public for this liberal progressive program.

What will it take to overturn or defund Obamacare, Finanial Regulatory Reform Bill and get him out of office!

We look at the upcoming face of our newly elected House of Representation!

The truth. the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God! Busting Obama and PPACA!

We are going to expose the criminal negligence of the Florida Times Union and several other media outlets refusal to observe FEC campaign fairness rules.

We are attacking Obama,Reid,Pelosi,Frank (aka. Shifty&Gang) by making their lies stick. I will not rest until they are out of office by elections or impeachment!

Exposing the lies being bought and paid for with our tax dollars. The arrogant assholes truly believe that all of us are as stuipid as they are!

The Republican "pledge" another ruse trying to convince you they have listened. Then why have every delegate sign a PARTY PLEDGE? The facts are, they have their own agenda and it is not yours or mine or the Founding Fathers! We... more
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