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Not Just Talk

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I cannot think of a better way to grow and progress as a person than through the “iron sharpening iron” effect of relationship. I have found in my years of coaching and ministry is that often times the relationship is not the problem, the people within it are! Join me Monday the 11 at 12:00pm EST as I walk us through 9 fundamental principles that will restore, rebuild, cultivate or enhance any relationship. Yes I said ANY! Remember one of the most effective tools used in life that is essential to our personal growth, success, and balance is the power of relationships. 


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Jacqueline Stewart, author of  "The Intent to Kill" and “Jealous to Death” 


An Author with a Purpose!

Jacqueline is a two time graduate of Teen Mania Ministries of Garden Valley, TX, and is a graduate of Northwestern State University of Natchitoches, La. She has a Bachelor’s degree in the school of Liberal Arts where she majored in theatre.  The Writer of “Only a House” play. Jacqueline is an accomplished author, song writer, screenwriter and play writer. Jacqueline’s desire is that all mankind be saved, healed, delivered and set free by the power of God.

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