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Welcoming me back.

Tonight we will be talking about TEEN SUICIDE! Why Do Teens Try to Kill Themselves? We will be answering that question in perticular, call in and tell us your story!

Join Jalen Faith and Hayden Mcclure streaming live right here on blogtalkradio. You will get a glimpse ahead for the next shows, oh and a new contest issued.. also website!

Saturday the 14th will be the opening of the Teen Boys Radio! Preventing suicide and other teen relations, parent you should tune in to!

Come out and help promote internet safety.
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Dear Viewers,

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Thanks for viewing this post! I am just letting you know about some things you should look forward to on the tylerhayden show, Alex Goot and amazing singer from upstate New York, undiscoveredjulie a very talented woman from youtube,... more

We loose teens everyday due to suicide, maybe it was your friend, brother, sister, daughter, son, cousin, nephew, and whatever else. Come out and stand up for whats right and prevent suicide with the tylerhayden show.
The TylerHayden Show


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Obviously if you can't already see Saturday will be the show time, there will not be a show on any other day unless there is a make up issued or a special guest don't have any other time, we will let you know! THANKS!

Come have a pajama party with Co-Host Hayden McClure while he is having the 1st baby show;baby names competition. Just call in or type your name choice in the chat room.
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