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I write left-handed and have a Catholic social conscience in the Jesuit tradition. I have been an independent school teacher for more than 30 years. I love to engage in intellectual combat and welcome all to the fray.

On-Demand Episodes

We will talk about what ever is on your mind. I will talk about education, learning and human freedom. We will also look at the difference between what people say they will do and what they actually do. How does one become a spin doctor?!

Abortion,Third Party Candidates, Money in Politics, Greed, Social Security,Women is the Workplace and anything else you want to talk about!

We will be talking about the the Boston Bombing one year later. We will look at terriorism in general, and the place of Israel in the world. Conversation will takes us where it wants to go!!,

Tonite we are going to talk about writing stories and expressing ideas. We are also open for anything you may want to talk about.

Tonite's topic will be about story telling and writing Alternate History stories. Special guest Jim Brown will join the show to talk with Norm about writing and Alternate History. We will also venture into the topics of Alternate Reality stories... more

An easy conversation about American politics and popular culture..

American Politics at home and abroad.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. We will be talking about American Politics and Popular Culture. American domestic and international policy will be discuss from the left side of the political dpectrum. The Crimean referendum will be on the... more

Norm At Nite is coming back on line after a 2 month Hiatus. We are going to explore the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine.

Health Care seems to be collaspesing before our eyes. Is it the Rupublicans or the Program? Why is it such an apparant failure. Should we repeal it and go to single payer? Should the government set insurance prices? Should the... more