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I write left-handed and have a Catholic social conscience in the Jesuit tradition. I have been an independent school teacher for more than 30 years. I love to engage in intellectual combat and welcome all to the fray.

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Norm at Nite is back on the air. Barak Obama's march to war makes me wish I had my votes back. I thought we got a peace president and now we are voting for war again!!! Tune in and voice your viewpoint!! N
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NormAtNite will air this evening at 9PM, edt. http://blogtalkradio,com/normatnite to tune in over the net, 347-945-6713 is the call in number. Tonite - The Gaza War, The midterm elections, climate change, how much power do we need, and... more

We are going to explore gun violence in Chicago and other places in the US. Is gun violence genocide? Is it a conspiracy? If the answers are jobs and education how do we accomplish this....the time for talk is done!!! What do we do with the... more

NormAtNite will explore the hobby lobby decision, partial employee union dues, the mess in Iraq, and ways to reform education or revolutionuize learning.....who needs school? And do not forget the World Cup

Nothing matters except the World Cup right now!!!! Italy beats England 2-1 and USA tops Ghana 2-1. Call in to celebrate and discuss the politics of the cup. The World is right right now!!!!!!!!!

I will be thinking of my cousins in Italy who my grandfather left behind when he ventured on his solo trip to America. I am here because Otavio at 16 was braver that I have ever been! Yes the topic is immigration tonite. College loans and... more

What should learning and education be like>? Can we learn as a society without school? Should we have traded the :POW for the Taliban prisners? What do you want to talk about?

We will talk about whatever moves you tonite.

We will talk about what ever is on your mind. I will talk about education, learning and human freedom. We will also look at the difference between what people say they will do and what they actually do. How does one become a spin doctor?!

Abortion,Third Party Candidates, Money in Politics, Greed, Social Security,Women is the Workplace and anything else you want to talk about!