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I write left-handed and have a Catholic social conscience in the Jesuit tradition. I have been an independent school teacher for more than 30 years. I love to engage in intellectual combat and welcome all to the fray.

On-Demand Episodes

We will look at the state of the US presidential race. Who is winning, who is lusing and who is fanning at windmills. Cast you vote in our own caucus as if you were a republican or democrat,

Discussing the Republican and Democratic presidential races and the change of leadership in the House of Representative, Dust off your old copies of Atlas Shrugged and the Fountainhead!

Tonite we will explore the worlds of Donald Trump and Bernie Sandders. Tell the truth wil no spin is drawing massive crownds. Plenty of open mic time~!~!

We are back Wednesday at 7PM with a sparkling show. Donal Trump as a candidate. Like him or hate him, Trump is in the Race!! Yes or No on the deal with Iran, How do you sit? Finally, should public officials have private email... more

Tonight we talk about Bernie Sanders. Call in and vioice your views on Sen Sanders and the Presdidency. We will also talk about opening enbassies with Cuba. What about the treaty with Iran over Nukes? Are you happy with... more

Tonite we will examine the murdersin Charleston, whether the Confederate Battle Flag should fly in public places, why can't NY catch the convicts, and who "trumps" who in the presidential race. http://Blogtalkradio,com/NormAtNite at... more

Tonight we will talk about the NYT article on Rubio, the Dennis Hassert case, the issue with policing,and the Bernie Sanders rise to prominence with the dems. Feel free to introduce a topic to the discussion., 7PM. 347-945-6713

Tonigjht we will examine Sen Bernie Sanders' idea of free college tutition at State Universities for all. We will also talk about inequality and opportunity in America.

NormAtNite will air at 7PM tonight on Blogtalkradio.com/NormAtNite est. The call in number is 347-945-6713; A free for all on the state of America