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Nomopofolks: Living Passion, Purpose and Promise Life Class


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A 'life class' that shares ideas, to make you aware, that every problem you encounter, has a 'wise' solution.

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When you get peaceful and calm, ask GOD what is the best solution for all concerned regarding the issue you are facing. The best answer will come to you to solve your problem, everytime. When you are genuine, God love is genuine.

Can you save a drowning person that is stuck in 'bad habits' that is resistant, reluctant to change?

Best Bet simple longterm retirement investment strategy is suggested by Warren Buffett, world's richest man, put 90% of money in S&P 500 index funds and 10% in short term government bonds fund, monthly until you retire.

As soon as U start working, start saving $20 a month for retirement, at a young age. The more you save in your youth, the more you will have to live on later, just in case, social security is not available or lower than you expect

Denial of your addiction problem, does not make it go away. If someone mentions it and you go into a rage, seek help. U can't stop U from hurting you.

Ask God what to do in your circumstances, then listen for his still small voice......just trust that it is the right thing to and obey with courage and leave the results to him

God love is when the differences make no difference, regardless of background or story. We go to church or anonymous groups to eliminate (EGO) 'emotional baggage' to be able to hear, live and trust GOD word better, to live our best lives

Top 10 ways to set your mindset and habits to achieve $1 million dollars in your business. When your 'why' is strong enough, the 'how' shows up.

Do lies, abuse or 'secrets' have you stuck in your addiction, feelin angry or resentful. Forgive!!! Know that family of origin purpose is to mold you towards your destiny, with total dependance on GOD, with or without them.