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The 'life class' that give you ideas to re-invent, rebuild, restart your life with love and humor.

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GOD has good plans for your life. He will give you wisdom to attain his plans for your life. Just ask him for his daily plan and he willl give you knowledge of his will and the courage to do it.

The right answer is always inside of U. The Holy Spirit always tells your spirit the truth, when asked a question. Your mind and mouth can talk you into trouble ... disobedience to GOD's wisdom

Answering GOD call to ministry in your life. Listen and talk to GOD. Moses asked GOD for validation, GOD provided it 3 times.

It is not in vain to serve GOD because the wicked prospers without a conscience. It is what it is, people do what they want to do. You are responsible for your serenity and relationship of obedience to GOD for victory in life.

I am enough. I have enough. I do enough. As I do all that I can do, I am able to do more and more and helping people show up to help me in perfect ways

Let it go go, so that you can grow....Life hurts can force your emotions to speak at the wrong time in the wrong way, not out of wisdom that is best for the situation.

As a born again believer, GOD has plans for us to live our best lives. Yet we think we are wiser than GOD, making our decisions based on the circumstances and realities of life,not realizing facts change all the time.

I can't find nobody to help me build my dream, overcome my health issue, find a job, build a business. date or be friends with. Daily affirmations with feeling good about improving your life changes your self-talk from negative to positive.

He is a african american, harvard-educated, business executive who is the president of American Express since 2001. He is best known for building teams that make money in tough business environments. He is not brash or boastful.... more