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The 'life class' that give you ideas to re-invent, rebuild, restart your life with love and humor.

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People think that a little white lie is ok, a twisted truth to sell a product, to get someone to like U or to get a job. Honesty and integrity is hard to find in today's media, politicians and preachers, GOD does not lie neither does he like people... more

Man up! Dawg! and go to the doctor for a checkup from the foot up. Making lifestyle changes can help keep you off the 'blue pill' later and have more energy to do fun things with family and friends. Instead just watching TV and... more

GOD says, I am merciful enough to help anyone who calls on me for help in the time of trouble, Fear Not, Stress Not, I will give you peace and strength to handle and get through the storm

God says, Come to me, all who are stressed and tired. I will give you rest.

Effective marketing is not cheap, however there are low or no cost marketing strategies to boost your profits

Let the children play and let them play all day. Children play because it is fun, the heart of play is pleasure. When kids are learning and it is fun, the student masters material with accomplishment and confidence.

What GOD gives U is good to you and best for U, because he loves U

Academic success of Americas youth is linked to such factors as hunger, physical and emotional abuse, boredom, lack of physical and music activities during school hours, chronic illness which can lead to poor school performance.

Did you know that you cannot miss an opportunity, life will present another opportunity to you, if you keep your head up.