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This show is about discussing challenging current events from all angles but remember we are going to keep it Fun not taking seriousely. Basically, we are two guys just trying to make sense of this ing world.

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TBATopic, SOMALI STEREOTYPE...as the old saying goes, don't judge a book by its cover...do u ever see somalis assuming a girl is bad becoz of the simple fact that she is wearing pants, or a boy is a gangster coz he is droppin his... more

It seems like to have a legitimacy in the current Somali political process,or rather claim some part of the dying once magnificient Mogadishu, you need to base your political rhetoric on Islam. A trend that proven effective in not only mobilizing a... more

Music, Music, Music, Heeso,heeso, heeso.... Tonight we have in our company great group of very talented young Somali singers, who we will both sing and entertain us cawa, but also will lead discussion on the current state of Somali... more

I am not sure if its because traditionally Somalis let elders solve their most pressing challenges or is it that Somali youth have given up on ailing somali society, because there are less and less Somali youth involved in helping the... more

""Re-examining cultural directives and gender relations and creating an environment conducive for singles to meet may end the loneliness some may feel. And for boys, do you have to make a “Cook’s tour of the world” to find... more

Today Sh. Maalim Yusuf is joining us to comment on last thursday topic ragarding women leadership. Since of the debate came to down to religion, we sought the help of Yusuf to inform us on the position of religion in matter. After the Sheikhs... more