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Hey, loser! Thanks for coming. This is Noisebleed, where you get opinions on pro wrestling and stuff.

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The WWE has crowned more new champions in one week than I can ever remember them doing. In this podcast, I discuss WWE Backlash 2016, as well as the Raw and Smackdown that follow. I do recall saying on the previous... more

WWE Backlash is back, muthafuckas! I remember being there in person for the previuous Backlash pay per view, and after years, the event is back as a Smackdown-exclusive event. AJ Styles is going to challenge Dean Ambrose for... more

Remember the Headbangers? It seems that the WWE Universe does, but I suppose that doesn't mean that they hold fond enough memories to give them the legend treatment. So... how was Smackdown? Better than Raw? I think so, and... more

I've been hating on Raw for what seems like forever, but I am willing to admit when the B-show may have put on the A-show for the week, even though we have no idea what Smackdown's rebuttal will be. Triple H is back, Kevin... more

This one is a little later than I would have liked it to be, but here's my review of WWE Summerslam 2016... and NXT Takeover, because I had a little extra time. Brock Lensar murder's Randy Orton, AJ Styles beats up John Cena, and WWE... more

Smackdown is the A-show, hands down! Everything from Heath Slater to AJ Styles has a purpose, and with a lack of roster depth, Smackdown should by all means be an inferior program... EHEH! I could complain about Raw all day, but... more

As most people know at this point, Finn Balor is injured, which means that the WWE Universal Championship is now vacant after less than 24 hours... it also means that they have to throw out the entire script for this episode of RAW, and... more

WWE is using the CWC as both a unique draw to the WWE Network, but also in order to scout out young cruiserweight talent for both NXT and the main WWE roster. We've seen other CWC competitors in NXT before this, and this week we... more

Heath Slater steals every show, every week! He faces Randy Orton, Dean Faces the sentient beard that is attached to Erick Rowan, and we get the return of both John Cena and AJ Styles. Join me as I praise Smackdown for not being Raw.... more

This week's edition of Monday Night Raw features Seth Rollins roaming the arena yelling "WHERE'S THE DEMON?" until he is forcibly put into a straight jacket after being caught in a brawl with an imaginary spectre. The Romance between... more