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No Disrespect

No Disrespect


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A talk show with a host that says all the things you want to say but cant say and all the things you think but wont say.

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Tonights show we will jump right into it. Politics baby...What happens now that basically its a Republican ran whitehouse...I predict that the seperation and the bullying of our president will get worse...nothing still will get done...Politicians... more

All Sports Mondays is exactly what it sounds like...Me and my bold ass co host cover nothing but sports on tis day. We will speak about Sundays football games and how that went...A loss for the COwboys and a loss for the Redskins should... more

Tonight we will once again be talking about the social issues of America and how certain things effect our community. Mike Tyson says that Don Lemon who i cant stand is full of shit! TP9, is he the best point guard in the league and... more

Tonights show will be all the way dope! Im excited, we have alot to talk about...We will be began by speaking about the black man's mindset and why we need to change...also Man accused of infecting his 2 year old niece with aids?... more

Yall No what this means....Today is one of the most anticipated day in the history of the No Disrespect show....Why??? Because its All Sports Mondays...which means...The trill will be on the show!!! Talking all kinds of Mess and we cover it... more

We back on with a whole Lotta stuff to talk about...Is Nash better than A.I....Who shot the kids at school??? Isis putting people's heads on stakes and leaving the bodies. DAMN I LOVE AMERICA!

Theres so many things I want to discuss on tonights show...I recently graduated from media school, I want to debate the state of the black man in America also after reaading a couple of passages written by black people that make you... more

Tonight I wanna touch on what it is that most people fear about death? I would like to get some of your thoughts. Also we will touch a little bit more on the Ebola Crisis...Black vs White in America...and is there really such a thing. We also will... more

Just one of the topics...Is it the End of Times??? All of the signs are here but some people smirk and say that the world is panicking for nothing but I say...Jesus is coming back...Also is it up to us to choose when we die? Should... more

Okay first off i know that we said that we would start on Friday but screw that...I mean what show starts on a damn Friday anyway right...Hey tonights the night...We began at 9pm Central 10 pm Eastern time...set your alarms and... more