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A dark show that Pushes the envelope when it comes to the paranormal and Dark History that you never knew existed, or other topics that are dark , creepy or just plain twisted.

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get ready to listen in to one of the most documented and creepy poltergiest cases ever the Enfield Poltergiest.This case took place in a Enfield,England and was documented by some of the biggest parapsychologists that existed in the Day.... more

On this weeks show the teams are talking mythical creatures and legends. The teams will address the different cultures that belive in these animals and why they are refered to as ABC sightings. They will also talk about the many different... more

Christmas in the year of of 2014 is full of bright Christmas Trees, A jolly bearded fat man that deliver presents with the help of elves in green suits. We are going to travel back in time to when the above didn't exist when Jolly Old StNick... more

This week the teams are carrying on from last week inviting paranormal people and teams on to the show to pick there brains and find out what they do and why they do it. If you wish to join us on the show then contact one if the hosts of the... more

Dont forget to listen in to NLPI Radio USA with Kurt and Moe as we answer the question Are vortex and Wormholes real ir just made up? We hope you can join in by calling 619-924-0960 with your take on the vortex . Many investigators in... more

On this weeks show the teams have dedicated the show to showcasing the talent that is hidden in the paranormal world. We have invited teams and people who work with the paranormal along to join us this week so we can hear what they... more

This week the teams are doing a mini paranormal report. They will be analysing all the facebook evidence and photos floating around in cyberspace and debunking them along with the videos. If you have evidence you want to put... more

By the middle 1890s, the Lemp Brewery gained a national presence after introducing the popular "Falstaff? beer, which is still brewed today by another company. The Lemp Western Brewery was the first brewer to establish... more

Welcome Ladies and Gentelmen before if type anymore I need you to answer this one question. Did you know more People believe in the Paranormal thatn belive in jesus? Why have Paranormal shows have gone from bad to worse. We... more

This week the team are talking "Demons" and have invited along to the show a very special guest. We are joined by Demonologist and Published Author "Samantha Harris". We will be talking to Samantha about her book "Fighting... more