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A dark show that Pushes the envelope when it comes to the paranormal and Dark History that you never knew existed, or other topics that are dark , creepy or just plain twisted.

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This week the team alongside co host Rachael Darby the team are talking Crystal and Healing. They are going to be talking about all the different elements needed to do healing and also adress all the different types of healing. We are joined by our special guest Kirsty Galea from GCUK Southeast who will explain to us the uses of crystals and how they are used in healing. Dont forget guys you can skype in and give us your opinions and we cant answer any question you have about the subject.
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NLPI RADIO WITH KURT and MOE are going to delve deep into both History and The Paranormal as we bring to you the comedy,History,and the Paranormal as you are used to. Battlefields throughout all wars are known to carry... more

This week the team are going intergalactic and answering the age old question of "are we alone in the universe". We will be joined by both the Truths Paranormal Team and the GCUK southeast Team as we talk UFOs and the... more

Stagnation is the key word for this show. Ever since People like Hanz Holzer,Ed Warren,Lorriane Warren have the Paranormal Investigation methods stagnated.Ever since the above people delved into the paranormal field have... more

Introducing the up and coming paranormal radio show hosted on NLPI Radio USA. Damon And Daryl Penney alongside the queen of essex Mrs Rachael Darby address all the issues related to the paranormal. This week the guys are gonna... more

Tuesday night 10/7 Kurt and Moe are psyched to have on LYNX, NEEN,and CAT of C.A.T.S. of the awesome you tube hit show the Calamityville horror. The girls travel all around Wales,Uk investigating The Ancient Ram Inn all the way to... more

NLPI RADIO USA with Kurt and Moe are going tear into the idea exorcisms really work on those that are "SUPPOSEDLY" possessed by an evil entity or a Demon. For hundreds of years churches of all denominations have relied the... more

Welcome to a two topic night Paranormal references that can be found in the Bible and Catholic Rite of Exocisms more harm than good. We seem to be living in a time period where the DEMONOLOGIST has been thrown around like... more

North London Paranormal Investigations Radio USA are tackling two topics for the show. Topic number one if you make a deal with the devil when is it time to pay. Second Topic when someone has had an organ transplant does the organ bring... more

Whenever we fall asleep we all dream whether your remeber it or not. These dreams can be pleasing,perplexing and/or straight up nightmares. What is the proper way to interpret your dreams. There are so many books and videos out... more

NLPI RADIO with Kurt and More present their Dark History show Vlad the impaler. We have all heard of the bloodsucker Dracula and Vampires but have wondered the true Dark History where it all stemmed, We our going bring you the... more