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A dark show that Pushes the envelope when it comes to the paranormal or other topics that are dark , creepy or just plain twisted.

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North London Paranormal Investigation Radio USA with Kurt and Moe are going to attack the idea that inanimate objects can be haunted!! We are going to study several cases of both attachment and curse and give you our findings. Your job is to call in with your take on the topic. Here are a few of the following cases we are going to bring to light Annabelle the doll, The Haunted Wedding dress,Haunted mirror at the Myrtles Plantation,The "Ebay Haunted Painting":,The Dibbuk Box,curse of the Lemb Statue,The "Angusihed Man", Plus a few others. Remember we want you to call in and tell us your take on the attachment and haunting.
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Welcome to NLPI RADIO USA as we have a large group of guests tonight. Lets start withe the most haunted Man in America Bill Bean. Bill lectures and makes appearances at churches, colleges, corporate events, conventions, hotels, halls,... more

Welcome to North London Paranormal Investigations Radio USA with Kurt and Moe "Dark History Show" . We are going to discuss how the predictions of Nostrdamus are twisted by people with there own agenda. Meny people see... more

North London Paranormal Investigations Radio USA Present Deomonlogist Joe Andrade . Joe Andrade has been mentored by Demonologist Keith Johnson and Keith's wife Sandra Johnson, as well as his brother Carl Johnson who were... more

The origins of Nazism and its relation to the occult have been a part of popular culture since at least 1959. There are documentaries and books on the topic, including The Morning of the Magicians (1960) and The Spear of Destiny... more

My name is John Lindsey and I am the founder of Paranormal American Scientific Toursand working on his PhD in psychology I created this business to give other people the chance to experience some of the great things that my team and I... more

Have you ever watched your favorite ghostn hunting show and saw the equipment they use and think to yo yourself I have to have that. Then you realize the euqipment they use will cost you from between 275 on up. Tonuight show show... more

Welcome to a night of the paranormal and abolute fun. Tonight we have on Award winning Radio host and producer/host/owner Beyond the Edge of Realty Evan Jensen. Evan has also taken over the blog Eye on the Paranormal. Tuesdays... more

Listen in to NLPI RADIO USA aswe Some of the most real things we experience are not part of what most consider reality. If you were told it were possible to convince your mind that something existed when it physically didn't, and that it... more

Jason Offir began the journey into the paranormal at a early age, primarily being witness to various UFO related phenomenon. In 2008 Jason Founded NW paranormal based in Portland Oregon, the group primarily conducts paranormal... more

On Thursday June 19th 5pm EST/10 PM UK NLPI RADIO USA with Kurt and Moe present our DARK HISTORY show. As we push the envelope every show we are going to discuss the most botched executions in the U.S. And U.K. We are NOT... more