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Dr Larry Deutschman

New Life Counseling Ministries


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This call is designed to lead people to experience and walk in the freedom of the Cross of Christ thus experiencing healing of the spirit, soul, and body. To listen to this call live, either choose to listen in live streaming on your computer by clicking listen now, or dial 212-990-8000 pin 2330# rather than the dial in on this page.

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What's happening in this crazy world anyway? Everybody's right and nobody's wrong! Everybody does everything the righty way and nobody admits error! As Vince Lombardi once said "What the heck's goin on here anyway?" And they just continue to keep on talking! What are they sayin anyway? Hey ,what are you and I sayin? Today's message continues with the general topic of Freedom and Liberty. We'll look at the controlling influences that we face each day and how they impact what we talk about, what we say. Controlling influences in our lives are the things that we consciously and mostly unconsciously allow to take freedom and liberty away from us. Can we do anything about this? Oh yes, for sure. Millions are assuming the responsibity for their own thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and are experiencing a much greater sense of freedom and liberty. That's the topic today.
  • by Dr Larry Deutschman
  • in Spirituality
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