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What's on your Thanksgiving table this year? The contemporary Thanksgiving menu is a far cry from what the Pilgrims and the Indians feasted on in 1621 to celebrate the colony's first successful corn harvest. This holiday is all about... more

James Guinta is a master hypnotist and the owner of Trance Formation Hypnosis in Red Bank. Have you ever considered hypnosis as a means to stop smoking? Or lose weight? Or to stop biting your nails or to free yourself from a fear of... more

The name of her business says it all – Confections of a Rock$tar. Kimmee Masi had a vision to take her two passions, music and baking, and combine them. Soon she'll be in her new location on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park for... more

Meet Jersey native, John Ciccolini, who left for the west coast and became an actor, singer, and comedian. Years later, with his brother Michael, this NJ native wrote a one-man musical comedy incorporating classic music of another... more

?Clutter? is a word that can be either a noun (What's all that clutter on the coffee table? I can't find the remote.) or a verb (My old college text books are cluttering up the garage and I need the space for newspapers.). You get the idea. Most... more

It's October in Asbury Park -- time for zombie sightings and ReVision Theatre presents Little Shop of Horrors at the Carousel House. This production is directed by Mary Kate Burke who recently completed a long run as artistic director for... more

Ted Coleman is now actively working in his second career as a musician. After retiring from Merck, this jazz musician has been busy getting his new career underway. Ted plays piano, MalletKat, and sings – he's got the whole... more

Mignon Williams, Yoga instructor and owner of Loving Heart Yoga, knows firsthand about the numerous benefits of yoga. Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years, and more than 11 million Americans currently enjoy its health... more

How do you like your steak cooked? Rare, medium, or well? Do you know the best way to determine if meat is properly done? Jersey Coastal Live's resident chef, Steve Kovarcik, is in the kitchen today to share some advice on proper... more

Joe Basile is a Jersey guy who went Hollywood and had an interesting journey along the way. Joe's love affair with film began in 1976 when he was captivated by the movie Rocky. After graduating University of Delaware, Joe relocated to... more