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Did you enjoy your summer? Living and lounging by the beach in Monmouth County might make you forget about others in our area who are desperately in need and feeling the pangs of hunger. Summer is a season of hunger... more

Tired of potato chips and looking for a better snack? Look no further than Keenwa Krunch, containing 100% organic quinoa crisps and flakes, a good source of fiber and 4 flavors: Walnut Date Agave, Vanilla Almond Raisin, Cinnamon Banana... more

Sauce the way your grandma made it! About a year ago, Matt Gallira founded The Atlantic Ave Co., an artisanal sauce company. All products share hand-crafted qualities: small batch sauces start with fresh herb-infused organic extra virgin... more

Chocolate. Fudge Sauce. These three little words make a powerful statement for Carol Ann McLaughlin, founder of Sweet Carol Ann's. Carol Ann has been in the catering business at the Jersey Shore area for over 30 years, and the star... more

Everyone has a comfort zone, your mental space with boundaries providing emotional security for your life and decisions. What distinguishes successful people from others is what they do with their comfort zone. Some people are... more

According to boxing legend George Forman, ?I get up in the morning looking for an adventure.? The same can be said about Calvin Schwartz. These days Cal divides his time between more activities than most of us -- Senior Writer NJ... more

City folks need to be reminded that fruits and vegetables don't come from Shop Rite, they come from gardens! Community gardens provide people who don't have their own space, especially in urban areas, the opportunity to grow their... more

Did you know over a million US Veterans suffer from homelessness due to PTSD, financial difficulties, and lack of a support system? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects more than 5 million people, so chances are you know someone who... more

For those of us living in eastern Monmouth County, we are well aware that we live in a summer vacation destination. But in the words of Rena Levine-Levy of The WindMill, ?Hunger doesn't take a vacation.? Summer is a season of hunger for... more

How does a Jersey City Police Officer become an award winning filmmaker? Vito LaBruno grew up with a passion for film and began screen-writing in 2004. ?I had done a little theater and acting in high school,? said LaBruno. ?I auditioned for a... more