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Into the Night with Nixie LaRue


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Nighttime whispers, stories and interviews about all aspects of the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Every show features a different topic and occasional guest interviews. Call ins welcome. www.twitter.com/NixieLaRue

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Tonight's show, we'll be discussing the ghosts of Flight 401 and other ghost stories. Your spooky ghost stories welcome. 760-683-2624

We'll be discussing some of the End Times prophecies, Current events like the recent BP Oil Spill, and the dead wildlife phenomenon and talking about how they may relate to Nostradamus predictions regarding the Anti Christ.

tonight we're going to be discussing the trial and the new information regarding the West Memphis 3. We'll be talking about some of the timelines, the new DNA evidence and some of the statements made by the parents and possible new... more

Tonight we're going to discuss the newest of the mass bird deaths that happened in Alabama, and what their official story is. Also going to have a short discussion (as a preface to an upcoming show on this subject) regarding the... more

Tonight's topic will be the alien agenda. If there are aliens visiting our planet, are they friendly or hostile? Or perhaps even indifferent to us while engaged in their own agendas? What do you think. Call ins welcome 760-683-2624

Update show, discussing the Dead Birds story and the dead birds that had literally fallen out of the sky in Quebec, in December. Quebec Farmer claims he's still finding them, and more disturbing information about this phenomenon.

Discussion about the theory of a hollow earth and some of the things that people point to as evidence of it. Also the theory that different races live below us and may be stations for UFO's.

Tonight's show will focus on the Mayan Calendar and the end of their long cycle calendar in 2012. We'll also discuss their advanced knowledge of the cosmos and some of their other prophecies.

Tonight we're going to talk about the rash of dead birds that have been falling from the sky. We will also discuss these areas in relation to the New Madrid Fault Line, and other fault lines. Call ins welcome. (760) 683 2624

A short talk about the dead birds in AR, LA, KY and Chile and earthquakes. then a discussion regarding Ouija Boards and some of the controversy surrounding them. Also we'll be telling stories of frightening Ouija Board experiences. Your... more
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