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Nighttime whispers, stories and interviews about all aspects of the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Every show features a different topic and occasional guest interviews. Call ins welcome.

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Tonight we'll be talking about the power of positive thinking and my experience last week with using this technique. I'll talk about different techniques utilized in positive thinking and some experiments that were done using thought and how it... more

Tonight we'll be talking about Aura's and how to see them, as well as what different aura colors may reveal about you. Also will be discussing the computer issue I had and the fun and scary events that occurred over the last couple... more

Tonight i'm going to talk about some of the purported supernatural experiences of George Washington, my book, and other peoples strange and funny phone messages.

Tonight I'll be talking about the Valley of the Headless men, the cannibal attack in China and about sudden rage.

Tonight I'll be talking about the mystery surrounding Drake's Drum and about an incredible letter I recieved this week from a mysterious Swiss Shaman.

Tonight we'll be talking about the Zombie Apocalypse, recent stories of zombie like attacks in the news, bath salts and my favorite Zombie movie of all time.

Tonight we'll be talking again with Terral to discover what new information has been discovered regarding Elenin. Is it still considered a threat? We'll also be discussing the video NASA put out regarding Elenin a couple days ago and... more

Tonight we'll be talking to Robert Waggoner about Lucid Dreaming. How anyone can use this skill to tap into their inner self, subconcious mind, and even precognition. How to use your dreams to unlock the secrets of your... more

Tonight we're going to be talking to Lawrence Gerald regarding the mysterious and compelling evidence that the works of William Shakespeare were authored by another man, Sir Francis Bacon. We'll discuss the theories regarding these... more

Tonight and back by popular demand, Terral will join us again. Tonight he will be taking your questions and comments regarding comet/planet Elenin. Our call in number is 760-683-2624. Is this going to be an extinction level event? Who is... more
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