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Nighttime whispers, stories and interviews about all aspects of the paranormal and conspiracy theories. Every show features a different topic and occasional guest interviews. Call ins welcome.

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Tonight I'll be talking about various legends around the world surrounding one creature - the Goat Man. I'll tell you how to determine if you are actually having a "goat man" enounter, and the signs that someone you know may be taken... more

Today I'll be talking to Robert Hamilton and Bobby Black about The Hamiltons, Dateline and spritual visitations from beyond. Featuring original songs by Cranford Nix, The Hamiltons and Bobby Black.

Tonight I'm going to be talking about some wacky cults from around the world, a short guide on how to start your own cult and 2013 in review - bad driving and the importance of t-shirts.

Tonight I'm going to be talking about Halloween, strange and scary things that have happened on Halloween and Internet created urban legends - such as Slender man, Jeff the Killer, Candle Cove, the Grifter, The Holders, and... more

Tonight I'll be talking about strange superstitions from around the world, chicken, twerking, and my book.

Tonight we'll be talking about various paranormal topics, haunted items, urban legends, true stories. Also, hospital runs and wardrobe malfunctions. And I'll be giving my take on the St. Malachy papal predictions.

Tonight we'll be talking about some scary Japanese urban legends, most of which take place in public restrooms, for some reason and the general insanity of any local high school.

tonight i'll be discussing a vareity of topics, including bioelectricity tests you can do at home to check your own bioelectricity, Prince, treadmill courtesies and the serenity prayer. Warning: there will be swearing.

Tonight I'll be talking with Author Doug Roberts about his zombie fiction novel, Ragnarok Rising and later we'll be discussing December 21, 2012; what to expect and what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse.

today I'll be talking about the mysterious dancing plagues that took hold throughout Europe from the 7th to the 17th century, frankenstein, writing and halloween costumes.
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