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Nite Talks with Sasha is a fun and lively show that will showcase many different talents and type of people. And open forum that has a no hold bard type of feel. I'm about having fun and discussing the hot topic currnet events. So stop by and give Nite Talks with Sasha a may be pleasantly surprised by what you hear!

Upcoming Broadcasts

Friday Sept. 26th was an awesome show and very infromative! So the ladies and I want to continue that converstation and share more with you, the listening audience! So tune in this coming Friday, Oct 3rd and join us as we have our special guest Mistress Natasha continue our discussion on Love and Sex at 40 at 11:30pm! We will continue our discussion of how to move on from negative relationships! We also talk about how to improve ones esteem and how to deal with body image issues. We will also bring up Female Intuition...with age does our ability to use our intuition get better with time. Is Female Intuition even real? Call in at (215)383-3929 to hear the show LIVE and make comments or log on at
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On-Demand Episodes

Friday, September 26th at 11:30pm est/ 8:30pm pst Nite Talks with Sasha will grace the airwaves and ask that BURNING question, How's your sex life since you have gotten older? For women that are 40 or close to 40 how has your sex... more

This Friday night at 11:30pm est/8:30 pst. Sasha and Da crew will return to the airwaves after a long summer break. We will catch up on our summer fun and activities, we will also discuss upcoming topics and the creation of a new... more

There was Dear Abby well how about we have Dear Sasha? This Friday night June 20th at 11:30pm est/ 8:30pm pst Sasha and Da Crew will get our Dear Abby on by reading and answering questions that our listenning audeince has sent... more

This coming Sunday is Father's Day for all the Dad's and Daddies of the world. Friday June 13th at 11:30pm est/8:30pm pst Nite Talks with Sasha will take to the airwaves to ask that major question! Should single Mom's get the same... more

Friday night, May 30th at 11:30pm est/ 8:30pm pst Sasha and her crew will talk about the most flattering bathing suits for plus-size women. We will discuss the different types of suits that fit whatever problem that women want to hide or fix!... more

Friday May 23th at 11:30pm est / 8:30pm pst Sasha and Da Crew will talk about the different colors that are popular for the Summer season! We'll discuss whether plus-size women should wear prints and what prints work best for us! We'll will... more

Beginning Friday May 16th at 11:30pm est/ 8:30pm pst Nite Talks with Sasha will start our 3 part series that will cover everything from what Foundation and Shapewear that are comfortable and affordable! We will also talk about Bras... more

Friday, May 2nd at 11:30pm est/8:30pm pst Sasha and her crew will open the phone lines to YOU the listening audience and allow you the callers to ask questions of US! We are always talking about different topics and current events... more

Can love survive a long distance relationship? On the next Nite Talks with Sasha we will discuss how to make love work when both partners live miles away from each other. We'll discuss tips and solutions to keep the love strong and the... more

Friday April 11th Nite Talks with Sasha will revisit a show topic that we did back in May 2013! We talked about how Wilcox County in Georgia had separate proms for their one highschool. This coming Friday will talk about how the... more