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Late Night Snack

Late Night Snack


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late night show ranging from various topics music;relationships;health;lifestyle

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why does it seem like in todays day and age that more an more folks are in open relationships ? or just avoiding commitment altogether ?? does sex really keep ppl together despite the problems these couples may face ? is sex really tht... more

often young adults stray away frm the word because they havent been through enough to build that relationship with god we often get caught up in wordly things and dont take it too serious..then again there are some very annointed young... more

this is part 2 from last nights show. Are looks a good thing to base your relationship off of ? why is physical attraction the main quality ? why cant we fall in love with ppls mental b4 their physical ? whats wrong with intellect... more

why are we always getting caught up in looks ? i mean theyre a plus but is that wht we wanna bet marriage on looks ? sometimes judging a book buy its cover can blind u from what that person is really like...just because someone is... more

hmmmm that 1st moment u meet someone and u think damn is this love at 1st sight ? why do we seem to always judge a book by its cover ? is that a way to prevent heart ache ? why do we seem to focus on outer appearance more then... more

tonight anything goes guys! we r here to discuss everything! for once there is no specific title we are freestyling it, going with the flow. feel free to hit us up with any and everything random! sex love relationships whatever is bothering... more

many of us have been hurt or done wrong by someone at some point in our lives. At what point do u forgive them ? is there a time limit to forgiving people ? is it fair for someone to get away with hurting you ? are u able to trust them again ?... more

me personally, i dont see anything wrong with it. I like my space an time apart so i can have a chance to miss that person build tht mental love 1st! just because two ppl love each other or in a relationship doesnt mean they can live... more

this four letter word speaks volumes! who knew something small in letters could have such a major impact on us as a ppl ? some folks wander their whole lives searching for something yearning for something..often lust is confused with... more

we've all been there...tht one relationship tht was crazzzzzzy and nuts but it once was beautiful...some say sex complicates things, causes peple to go bat crazy. Breaking up is hard to do..but its apart of life, why complicate things an ruin a... more