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Education is the primary mission. We have all been lied too, and if any hope for change is possible it must begin with us. Zeitgeist San Antonio, TX.

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Welcome back to Nanoradio the number 1 source for things i have to say. This week we lay the foundation of how we got here. Three small untouchable cities. Soveriegn and immune. AS always, support your local revolutionaries and stay... more

The National Socalist party had quite the particular intrest in all things Occult. Hollow Earth, Atlantis, Master Race theory and Time travel? What does that have to do with you know though? The mad scientist continued their work here..... more

And it it isn't the angels singing.. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is a large antenna farm located in alaska that can a. change the weather b. cause an earthquake c. Brainwash you into a mindless zombie d. all... more

I know you have seen them. We all have. Chemtrails are totally different then the fast dissipating comtrails of old. Aluminum oxide, Barium and whatever the hell else is in them are making us sick. This ain't a theory folks, it's out there. It's up... more

Just becsue the online privacy act has hit a barrier in the senate, DOES NOT MEAN you can go about your business and forget all about it. these things have that tendency to come back at a later date, different name same aim.... more

In a world where more and more "awaken" to what is going on, the way forward gets blurry. The reality has not changed (obviously, but with the recent bombing, the waco fertilizerr explosion, and ricin letters.. the fearism is rich folks. The... more

In the event of Yesterday's bombing at the Boston Marathon, we find ourselves in the same familiar place. How can this happen? Well Today on nanoradio we are going to talk about what a false flag attack is, and why it is important to never... more

March against monsanto may 25th We will cover other topics as well and as always welcome to nanoradio

High rise gardens, Aquaponic fish farming in your back yard,urban farming can change the landscape! and not only metaphorically! Welcome to Nanoradio the number 1 Source to hear shit i have to say. :) Today we will be going over... more

And it is for your lives! I've been in healthcare for a while now, and any doctor will tell you that preventive medicine, is the cheapest and best medicine. Today we are going into the codex alimentarius, monsanto protection act, and... more