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RaNdOm TaLk WiTh NiKi(:


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Well hello there sir how do you do? If you are listening to my radio show then you will be hearing things from SEX to RELATIONSHIPS TO ABORTION WHAT ITS LIKE DATING A SKINHEAD AND MUCH MUCH MORE (: And how Ohio is alot different from Missouri and what new foods i have tried and what not's(: I am 21 I am out going and very friendly i will tell you things people you ask are scarred to tell you. keep up if you can i have a busy life and it goes really fast(: If you want me to hit home with something you would like to talk about please ask me on here in a message or just email me at nikiskins@hotmail.com thanks alot (: Niki Skins<3

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I will be talking about anything and everything that I can think of. So keep up because I will be talking really fast. (:

There is a verse in the bible that talks about the anti christ and when i think of OBAMA i think of him as the ANTI-CHRIST. He says he changed the world he is a laughing joke he dont even know how many states we really have,... more

Today I will be talking to a special guest Richard Kidd about what it is like for him being a skinhead. And then i will talk about what it is like dating one(:

Tonight i will be talking about f%@k buddies and what they are for and what you are not to do when you are one. (: i will also be talking about hot kinky sex and what not to do (:

I will be talking about anything and everything tonight is just a rant thanks(: visit my websites at www.helpsavesecondbase.stayclassy.org nikiskins.webs.com

I will be talking about nothing but sex and relationships (: so call in and ask me some questions i will answer in all honsety (:

I will be talking about the Aurora Colorado shooting that took place this past week.