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Transforming Tomorrow’s Leaders Today through sharing real world experiences and pearls of wisdom in our powerpacked messages. Our hosts Laurie Rubidge and Chad Schapiro are International Lead Trainers who have created success for decades. Next Level Leadership Radio is inspiring people across the world to reach new levels. Our main goal is to change people’s lives and create new found passion for their effectiveness as a leader. SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG:

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It's funny how easy it is to be distracted when someone shows us something "new".....but it is so important to keep on task of what we have set out to do...I hope these steps can help to do just that! If you haven't had the opportunity to... more

Many times as leaders we can become so focused about the vision in our minds and hearts that we don't connect well with those we are leading. The key is to keep in mind their goals and ambitions. How do they connect to the vision that... more

What an amazing quote and what an amazing truth.....are we personally experiencing this?...and what can we do about it....I hope you enjoy!!!

Personal growth is fundamental in the making and improving of a leader. It requires adapting several foundational areas that are building blocks to others. Those components include being teachable, consistency,... more

It's here! Are we ready to have the best year of our lives so far? Here's some steps to help us do just that! Here we go! Please Enjoy!

The quarterback position in football is so similar to the leader position within an organization. Bruce Feldman just came out with a great book titled,"Then QB: The Making Of The Modern Quarterbacks". Enjoy this podcast as we take key... more

Sometimes we just need the reminder to just do it.....Let's have an incredible close of 2014....don't throw in the towel yet, there is still time to do it!

Mornings are the most crucial part of our day. And how we begin them sets the tone for the rest of the day. Next Level Leaders know this truth and mentally prepare themselves when they get up to make sure they have the best day... more

We always hear integrity integrity, integrity....and yes it is so very important....but are we giving ourselves the same standard of integrity as we do to others? Please listen to the show, it has a little twist than what it seems.....hope you enjoy.... more

This is the season to give thanks for all that we have in our lives. How can we do that more effectively to focus on the good and not take for granted the blessings that are around us. One of my favorite bible verses is 1 Thessalonians 5:18... more