New Visions for Peace

New Visions for Peace


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I speak with teachers and practitioners to bring you information and inspiration for living a peaceful life.

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Hillary Larson, Portland Regional Coordinator for the Gangaji Foundation to talks about Gangaji and her upcoming Open Meeting in Portland on Saturday May 3rd, 2014 at the Unity Church, 4525 Southeast Stark Street in Portland,... more

I had a very interesting and helpful conversation with Erin Donley, a communication specialist about the importance of conscious communication. Erin Donley is a connection queen in Portland, Oregon. She's known for helping... more

Jen Davis is the founder of Bee Friendly Portland, a coalition of folks working at the neighborhood level to protect send sustain our threatened pollinators. Please check it out on FB:... more

Host Sutree has a very interesting and enlightening conversation with Annam of The HeartGate Sanctuary just outside of Hood River Oregon. From age 7, Annam was awake to divine Word. At 17, a revelatory spiritual experience... more

Host Sutree talks with Holly Pruett about her works as a Life-Cycle Celebrant. For nearly 30 years, Holly Pruett has been a community organizer, serving as a leader in and consultant to the nonprofit community in Oregon and nationally. From... more

This is the second conversation I had with Matthew, focusing on how the Oneness Blessing facilitates Awakening. Matthew McCarthy is a Oneness Trainer, body-worker, musician, and life coach for both individuals and work place... more

Tom Hudson has been empathic since a small child. His first career as an X-ray technologist started him on his path as a healing professional in 1970. Later he studied the biochemistry of metabolism and cellular biology at Colorado State... more

Host Sutree talks with Penny Rosenwasser about her new book HOPE into PRACTICE, Jewish Women Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears. HOPE into PRACTICE responds with a rare blend of healing stories, fascinating history,... more

Sutree talks with Mathew McCarthy and Penny Beers about The Oneness Blessing Matthew McCarthy is a Oneness Trainer, body-worker, musician, and life coach for both individuals and work place professionals. He has been receiving... more

Lisa Sorensen Lisa has been a professional licensed massage therapist for over 9 years and loves it. She is trained in classic Swedish massage techniques as well as Trigger Point Therapy, Therassage, Reiki II, Quantum Touch, SET,... more
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