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Mark Casper

News America


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My goal is to provide you with credible reporting of critical and relevant issues facing our world today. Issues not normally reported by the mainstream media. When you look at events in the United States and the world today, the majority of them can be understood simply by using common sense. In this technologically advanced society, we have 24/7 news, Google, social media, political blogging. Common sense has become a lost trait. We want our opinions formed for us. We've become lazy. Why educate ourselves, investigate and form our own opinions when there are talking heads so eager to do it for us? Applying common sense to the problems we face as a nation will not solve them. It will allow you to put in perspective and question our leaders, who so often make decisions that adversely affect our lives. Don't continue to let decision makers intimidate you by implying it's too complicated for you to understand. Remember, all things start with a basic, simple concept. It's the application and implementation stages where things get complicated. And in regards to politics and economics, the excessive complication is usually by design for the very reason to intimidate and confuse the affected. Practice using common sense and encourage others by engaging your friends, family, colleagues. Form and share your own opinions. Do not just echo the opinions of others. Listen to the opinion of others but investigate what they are saying. Take advantage of the wealth of information by using your daily technology to keep yourself informed. One of our responsibilities as intelligent people is to learn how to distinguish facts from misinformation and propaganda. In both this broadcast and my podcasts, I will share my opinions based on my education and experience. I am anxious to hear and discuss your views

On-Demand Episodes

Scalar Wave Weapons Incredible technology that has almost unlimited potential as both a tool for the progress of man and also as extremely powerful offensive weapon.

FBI Terror Factory Most dangerous terrorist group in the world? Constitutional Peace Officers Association http://cspoa.org/

The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected' vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.

I favor surveillance. Do You? I believe it is absolutely needed. It should be mandatory and fully implemented as soon as possible. 100% review and analysis of all surveillance media should occur daily.... more

Putting The Pieces Together. Unreported stories that have surfaces have many people wondering what it all means. Tonight, we give you a listen and/or discufss some of these stories, the impact on us and the potential intent. 1. NDAA 2.... more

News America Exclusive - Interview with Marilyn MAcGruder Barnewall International Banking Specialist and currently writing the biography for Ambassador Leo Wanta.

Tonights Guest - AM Radio Personality Rick Driver Topics - Gun Control

Pilot episode of News America. Describe the objective and format. Current events to be discussed: Gun Control - What is the problem we are trying to solve?