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  • US and THEM

    in Politics

    Michael Caddell, executive producer
    P. O. Box 14, Valley Falls, KS 66088
    Email: bluebarnnewscentral@gmail.com
    Twitter: @RadioFreeKansas
    Studio Technician Tristan Caddell
    Daily posts at: http://fightincockflyer.blogspot.com/
    Pay Pal Tip Jar, click here:  https://www.paypal.me/RadioFreeKansas
    Programming to escape the sporting spectacles offered to many as ‘bread and circus.’  Reserved for book interviews, lectures and discussions involving thoughtful critical analysis.
    Program Summary:
    1st hour: Short regional news and analysis.

  • THOE Prophet Thomas E. Deckard

    in Religion

    The House of Ephraim Show

  • Bonnie Albers On Air : Live

    in Spirituality

    Please Join ME and My Awesome Angels as we navigate through the metaphysical Tulips ??Chatting ! Messages and Awesome Guests ?? Join ME

  • Tomorrow Will Be Televised Daytime Divas Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV. Our guests: Amy and Wendy Engelberg, creators and executive producers of Daytime Divas, VH1's new dramedy which launches June 6.

  • Angel Heart Talk! Live Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    Are you experiencing angel messages but having a hard time accepting them? Life is full of angel messages we won't always understand. But the angels wouldn't be guiding you to do something if there wasn't a higher purpose for it. In this uplifting episode, Julie is going to show you how all angel messages work for your good! You see the angels can see the big picture for our lives. They can see how it's all going to work out. So when they give you a message to take action, they know how it's going to lead to miracles.The angel's know God's plan. You'll learn how to trust the messages and take action. No message should be discarded; each one is a miracle seed!

  • Pleiadian Initiations with Christine Day

    in Spirituality

    As we move deeper into the transition that is taking place on planet Earth, the Pleiadians tell us that the time has now come for us to start mastering the energetic tools that will enable us to consciously complete our awakening and self-healing process.
    The new frequencies of light and sound that are now hitting the planet are awakening us to remembrance of and reconnection with our true Selves.
    In each episode of this twice-monthly show, international teacher, author, healer, and Pleiadian Ambassador, Christine Day, will present a new body of information and transmissions of sacred tones and codes specifically designed to act as energetic keys to unlock the information residing within the matrix of our cellular structure.  
    One of the key messages of the Pleiadians is that we must accept our humanity and imperfections in order to facilitate the process of our own self-birthing into the Universal Consciousness.  By integrating these human aspects of our Self with our Higher Nature we will more easily navigate our way through this transition.
    Christine Day Online airs on the first and third Monday of each month at 2:30PM Central time.

  • OPEN LINES... Psychic, Tarot, and Angel Card Readings...

    in Spirituality

    Hosts Lizbeth Russell and Maria G Maas hold OPEN LINES! ...All show - Psychic, Tarot, and Angel Card Readings...
    Join the Conversation on Facebook: www.EarthAngelsWorldwide.com
    Learn to work with Angels, plus Mediumship, Numerology, Tarot, Card Reading, LOA ...ALL in our Master Practitioner Package! .... AngelPractitioners.com/Master

  • Life Snacks for Women: Create a Life of Excellence - Tips to Ignite Your Spirit

    in Women

    Life Snacks for Women: Create a Life of Excellence - Tips to Ignite Your Spirit and Inspire Your Life with Sharon Burstein
    Life Snacks for Women inspires readers of all ages to look at life in diverse ways from different points of view. As women each of us is unique with none of us the same. The words, tips and messages presented throughout the book are uplifting, make you pause, think, reflect and take action. Each healthy bite-sized tidbit gives your life a boost. While Life Snacks for Women can be read in one sitting, to absorb maximum impact, portion them out savor each and slowly digest. You will find it irresistible to read just one!
    Sharon Burstein is an award winning author, and one of America’s most respected speakers. She has trained and spoken to thousands of people of all ages, students and adults using her training and leadership methods. Through her speaking, training, consulting and coaching, Sharon inspires people, building their confidence to achieve more success in life. She enables people to create and recognize their inner and outer Leadership Image. Sharon has created numerous award winning books and programs, has been recognized and received numerous awards for her career achievements and leadership. Her high energy and enthusiasm that she brings to everything she does is contagious.
    For more information visit: http://www.sharonburstein.com/
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit: http://www.biteradio.me/index.html

  • Pray14Another

    in Religion

       Our mission is to pray as well as bring spiritual guidance to anyone who is in a crisis.  Tune in and Witness the power of prayer with Host Evangelist Hilda, she is truly a prayer warrior.  Weather it’s a prayer of Thanks Giving, Petition, Intercession, Healing, Confession or Corporate prayer.   You will be blessed by this truly anointed women of God.  Glory Hallelujah deliverance is just a phone call away and here is the best news, there’s no charge.   Just call our hotline (626) 213-5681 every Monday Through Friday Evangelist Hilda will be taking prayer requests and at 4:30pm  you can share your thoughts on our Topic of The Day with Co - Host Sister Barbara,  There's more At 5pm. Est. Monday’s through Wedensday Join our bible study with Prophet Wiggins.  Thirsty for the Word! listen every Thursday at  5pm. The Holy Ghost Fire of Reverend Dubois,  every Friday at 5pm.  The dynamic preaching  of Apostle Jackson, every Saturday at 10am  Est. Here Apostle Mother Wiggins of HMC Ministries, and every Sunday at 8pm. Est. Join our Partnership Worship Service and enjoy the Round table of the Five Fold Ministry.   All for the edification of the Body of Christ.   
    H.M.C. Ministries Pastor Prophet R.D.Wiggins

  • Coping with the Loss of a Child is Imprisonment - Author Dr. Mamie Smith on GD

    in Motivation

    Dr. Mamie Smith is an author, radio talk show host, inspirational speaker, teacher, business woman and musician. She writes on numerous online social media sites, has established her own network “The Unfolding of a Rose.Com” and blog “Open Thought” (smithmamie.com) which currently sits in the #3 position in Google search engines.  Her first book “The Unfolding of a Rose” has helped many people experiencing the loss of a loved one, and the second book “Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality" reveals the rewards of having a spiritually-based life.
    As an author, Dr. Smith writes primarily in the genre of spirituality and as a spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker, has not only extensive knowledge and understanding of biblical writings, but 40 years of putting that knowledge into practice.   Years of healing physical, mental, emotional, financial and relationship problems, equips her as an expert in coaching individuals through problems lying beneath the surface of thought.

  • Team Building Phases

    in Business

    On today’s Project Management Monday episode, certified project manager Carla R Jenkins, will cover the five phases of team building. They are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Here is a PM.Expert article discussing these phases: http://www.pm.expert/week-pm-team-building-activities/
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