• No Tea, No Shade - Solo or Taken

    in Current Events

    Tonight will be a interesting mix. We will be joined by quite a few guests. 
    Auntie Joy's other half  Uncle David
    Lexi's other half D
    And a few others.  We will be discussing the differences in relationships vs the single/dating life. We will be also talking about differences and similarites in the dating scene between then and now. It's going to be a interesting twist on a old conversation of the marrieds vs the singles. Come one, come all.. 

  • New York Gravestones with Eva Bowerman

    in History

    Jane welcomes Eva Bowerman, chairperson of the New York Chapter of the Association of Gravestone Studies, to talk about New York gravestones. We will talk about the history of gravemarkers in New York, some of the styles throughout the centuries, what are some unique types of stones to New York, and the preservation of gravestones. Eva will also tell us about the NY chapter of the AGS.
    The AGS is dedicated to the study and preservation of gravemarkers of all periods and styles.

  • Christopher McAuliffe, MCC - Coaching, Ontology, and Others Topics

    in Current Events

    Coach Conversations is sponsored by the ICF Phoenix, produced by Ana Melikian an Elite Level Book Yourself Solid Coach, and hosted by Katharine Halpin, MCC.
    This show will be about the scary word "ontology", and why its such a crucial study/practice for Coaching today.
    Christopher McAuliffe is the CEO and founder of Accomplishment Coaching, an international coach training program with locations across the United States and Asia.
    Christopher holds the Master Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. A professional coach since 1996, Christopher has produced unprecedented breakthrough results with a wide spectrum of clients across the country.
    Christopher has a passionate commitment to the development of coaching as an honorable and honored profession.
    As a two-term past President of the San Diego Professional Coaches’ Alliance, Christopher has demonstrated a commitment to the development of Coaching as an ethical, strong profession, both self-regulating and offering consumer protection, credentialing and continuing education.

  • DNA with Emily Aulicino

    in History

    Emily Aulicino, author of Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond, will join Jane this evening.

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