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    If you don’t know what “Sustainable Development” … and Agenda 21 … you owe it to yourself and your family to listen to this show.  We will be talking about an Agenda by the United Nations to take away our private use of land, water, and all kinds of resources.  We are talking about a New World Order.  Sounds grim?  It is!  Our special guest caller today will give us the tools that we need to fight against and to stop this.
    Debbie Barth, and Lynn Bensy will be talking with Mr. Tom DeWeese … author of “Now Tell Me I Was Wrong”, “Special Report: Agenda 21 and How to Stop It” …. co-author of “The Wrenching Transformation of America: Agenda 21” … and President of the American Policy Center, will be sharing the air waves with us on August 20th!  We will be discussing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development (which would be a global New World order … IF WE DO NOT STOP IT).  Mr. Deweese will explain exactly what this means to each of us and … he will give us the tools needed in order for each and every American to stop this. He will also be giving us a special verbal preview of his latest work in progress … his suspense-filled murder mystery novel, entitled. E-rase!
    We invite you to call in and join the conversation at 323-792-3071 (Press the number 1 to speak to the host)

  • Travvis Stayton - Removes Entire Credit Card Debt and Wins $3,000!!

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    Liberty Aid Radio hosts a Liberty Aid client who removed his debt.  Hear a fishing expert tell you of not paying his Cabella's credit card and how he then additionally won $3,000 uncontested at court.  That is how strong our debt removal system is.  Hear it all again from another client.   This episode is on August 20.  Support Liberty Aid here and become another success story: www.libertyaid.org

  • Can Rituals give Your Life a Purpose?

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    What is a life of meaning and purpose?  I don't get it, what is the purpose of life, I have a job and kids and bills, isn't that enough?  A passion is not something on everyone's dialogue, how did that feel running off your lips?  What is the Passion test?  What really matters in your life?
    Chris Attwood is a co-author of Your Hidden Riches:  Unleashing the power of ritual to create a life of meaning and purpose which talks about living your passion. 
    For more information visit:  www.TheHiddenRiches.com


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    The longest running classic motorcycle magazine in America -- Motorcycle Classics -- is the country’s premier magazine for collectors and enthusiasts, dreamers and restorers, newcomers and lifelong gearheads who love the sound and beauty of classic bikes. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking with Motorcycle Classic’s Advertising Account Executive about what it’s like to be on the inside of such an established and comprehensive motorcycle magazine, and some of the cool shops and personalities visited in the production process, including The Stuart Parr Collection in NYC, Vanson Leathers in Fall River, MA, The New England Motorcycle Museum in CT, and Buchanan Spoke and Rim in CA.   

  • Be Your Own God - Finding Happiness Through Self Awareness! With Melanie M Byres

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    Be Your Own God - Finding Happiness Through Self Awareness! With Melanie M Byres @ Andy Peacher 
    Today as you celebrate this major milestone in your life and commence a new stage of your life journey, I ask you to reflect on the gift of life itself. And life, in essence, is nothing but awareness. Furthermore human life, considered the pinnacle of biological evolution, is not just awareness, but self-awareness. Amongst creatures on this planet, we human beings are not only aware; we have the capacity to be aware that we are aware, to be conscious of our consciousness. In that self-awareness lies our potential and power to direct our own future evolution and the future evolution of civilization.

  • 2 Peas in a Podcast Andy Peacher @ Timothy Spearman

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    Tims Website.  http://www.shakesaspear.com/
    Freedom Talk Radio - The arrowhead for global remedies for humanity. The war has been ongoing between humanity and satanity, and now we declare that it has been won by humanity.
    We want to hear your success stories, how you fought and won, to help others further down the road. Volunteer your experiences, knowledge to teach others in the remedies we all have under common law, ancient laws, divine laws - which serve and protect the people.
    We must demand our inherent rights which are common to all laws which serve and protect the people. We disown all man-made laws which are used to enslave and rob the people.
    We declare our divinity over all man-made laws and religions. We condemn all crimes of murder, sodomy rape and cannibalism against babies, children, women, dead bodies, dead animals.
    We declare this planet free from SATANITY. We, HUMANITY will run this planet as intended by our father, GOD, in whatever country, religion or culture, as brothers and sisters, as equals, in love.
    We enshrine the original 7 principles in public office as HONOUR and crimes of corruption and fraud as DISHONOUR, which will cause immediate removal from public office and citizens arrests to be issued by our common law Peace Officers, Sheriffs and Grand juries.
    Andy freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com 


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    Taking place over Labor Day September 4-6 at about the best venue grounds I have worked at. Some of the features are the outlaw 1/8 mile drag strip, huge permanent stage, several buildings including a gigantic covered party area with a bar and raised stage, covered vendor areas and the stainless steel toilet building with a power ventilation system. A real first class venue made for motorcycle rallies.
    The entertainment goes on all day and well into the night with drag racing during the day with the one and only “F” man Charlie on the mic. Saturday afternoon on stage two some crazy wild adult styled games and contests take place. Some of the live music will be from The Dallas Moore Band and Electric Shock AC/DC Tribute. There will be an encore performance from Cheryl Shagen the Comedy Hypnotist. The What TShirt contest is on Saturday night. There is a lot more to this event, you will just have to tune in to get the latest info about this adult event.


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    Mike Carson of Carson Classics. Located just north of Houston, Texas, CCM is a private museum collection of more than 90 vintage, veteran, and century-era motorcycles owned by the father and son team of Mike and Buck Carson.  Over more than 15 years, Mike and Buck have collected, restored, showed and ridden antique motorcycles of all different marquees in numerous unique events across the United States. In 2012, CCM entered the second running of the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance run and rode that event again in 2014. Mike likes to step back and allow his son to shine in many ways but don’t let him fool you, Mike’s personality is as big as Texas! 
    Buck Carson also has his own radio show every Monday evening at 7PM CT right here on The Road Hawgs Radio Network called "Classic Chrome".

  • A Story of Learning from Your Past Generations to Cultivate Your Strengths

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    What do you know from your ancestors about the spirit of the women?  Were they strong, healthy, a little out there, or very conservative?  How do you resonate with what they went through in life to see how you have become the powerful women you are now?  Perhaps you are having lots of issues and don't really know where it is coming from?
    Barbara McNully is the author of Unbridled which is a memoir from a housewife going back to Ireland to search out her roots to find strengths or weakensses.  She tells us a great story of tracing the adventures of her late grandmother and finding independence in life.
    For more information visit:  www.UnbridledFreedom.com


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    One of the most rewarding experiences in owning a vintage motorcycle is being able to kick the starter pedal (or push the electric starter button), select a gear and find a backroad. Riding a vintage machine brings a whole new aspect to the joy in owning one. For many, it provides a deep connection to history, for others it brings the feeling of a time warp. However, the all-too-real risk of owning and riding an old motorcycle is that of mechanical failure leaving you stranded on the side of the road. While these unfortunate experiences become lessons to be learned from and laughed at later down the road, it certainly can be frustrating, and at times dangerous. So in the first installment of our monthly tech series, we are going to focus on how to properly, and safely, prepare your motorcycle for a season of two wheeled fun. Additionally, we will cover some of the most common roadside fixes and troubleshooting processes in solving the problem that ails your motorcycle. David Lloyd, who is an avid collector, builder, and rider of antique motorcycles. David is most definitely qualified to cover this important subject, as he has completed a massive amount of vintage rides, including the famed Motorcycle Cannonball. 


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    Local custom builder and racer AJ Konkol owns two businesses that are all about power and speed. EndlessAutoSport focuses on custom cars and drag racing (including his own 2004 Pontiac GTO), and Wicked Moto is one of the fastest growing sportbike performance parts supplier and shops in the Milwaukee area, working with some of the biggest names in the industry. AJ will be talking with us about some of the most exciting and bizarre bikes that have rolled out of his shop, his experiences in racing and some of the great people and machines he’s come into contact with along the way. 

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