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  • New York State Censuses and Substitutes with William Dollarhide

    in History

    William Dollarhide, author of New York State Censuses and Substitutes,  will join Jane to talk about his book. Find out what this indispensible book contains for New York genealogy research. What are the NY state censuses? What are some of the substitutes?


    in Current Events

    Today, Debbie Barth and Lynn Bensy are talking with Pattie Curran! Pattie Curran is running to represent North Carolina’s 5th congressional district. Pattie enlisted in the Army National Guard (ARNG) when she turned 18 and later attended Officer Candidate School, receiving her commission just prior to her college graduation.  As a veteran, a Christian, wife and homeschooling mom, and … as a former social worker, Pattie understands, and has experienced … the challenges others, in these positions have had to face.
    Ms. Curran is also the founder and president of the nonprofit Shwachman-Diamond America. Two… of her three children … have a rare disease, Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome with secondary mitochondrial disease.  She knows full well, the catastrophic financial ramifications of Obamacare and is adamant in her fight to repeal Obamacare.
    Debbie and Lynn will be talking with Pattie about how Pattie was able to rise about the dire circumstances of her own childhood and go on to become the first person in her family to graduate from college. Pattie’s story is one of encouragement and inspiration.  Her ability to overcome life’s adversities, combined with her desire to make this a better place for her own children to live, is the driving force in her political aspirations.
    What is her stand on the Constitution, Common Core, abortion and gun rights? Call in and ask Pattie these questions and more at 323-792-3071. (Press the number 1 to speak to the host.)

  • Inspirational Words for those Living with Breast Cancer

    in Current Events

    What is your softer side?  How has breast cancer affected your spirit?  Do you feel that you are forgotten in your struggle?  Are you being heard?  How do you feel when the pink group is all about positive thoughts and you are in the middle of the anger or pain phase?  Do you need a kind word?  Here, get a copy of this book, the words are there, read them, say them outloud, tape your own voice saying them and repeat several times per day.  We got your back!
    Pat Benson, author of The Language of Healing:  daily comfort for women living with breast cancer will be sharing her journey and what kindness needs to be in words of love and compassion. 

  • Change Your Habits and bring Play to each day to have the Life you Dreamed

    in Current Events

    Is your life set in the rules and ways that were given to you by beliefs of your parents, your profession or your inner beliefs?  Do you dream and that is as far as it goes?  Can you dream and take action?  Just how hard is that?  Super hard, but you can take one step, perhaps take out a crayon and draw a picture. 
    Peg Conley, author of Imagine the Life You'd Love to Live, then Live it shares 52 tips of how to jump start the process of changing your dream life into reality. 
    For more information visit:  www.WordsandWaterColors.com  

  • Help for Fear Running Your Life

    in Current Events

    What is prayer?  What is fear?  What do these have to do with each other?  How can they balance out and bring peace to your life?  Are we talking about religion?  What are your spiritual beliefs?  Is a fear for things in your life, transform to living a fear based life?  Have you skimmed the surface of your life?
    Debra Landwehr Engle is the author of The Only Little Prayer You Need:  the shortest route to a life of joy, abundance and peace of mind which starts with fear in your life.  Deb has a prayer of six words that will help you transform your life within a moment at a time.  While a prayer can be for things you may need, it might be also a great option to start with a prayer to bring something to help you from your inner spirit to bring forth power to be at peace.
    For more information visit:  www.DebraEngle.com

  • "JESUS Sittin' in the BARBER CHAIR!"

    in Current Events

    You know how men love to go the Barber Shop and talk trash...sports, politics, women and religion.
    Most times men are real vocval on most subjects..that is until the local preacher comes in and then the tone changes dramatically.  Not as much cussin', ribbin' and shenanigans, etc. 
    When the preacher sits in the chair and starts talkin' about the bible, everybody generally gets quiet! I had a though; what if Jesus was sittin' in the chair next to him. What would the preacher say then? How would his stance change on various topics related to church?
    We gonna have some fun with this one and give you some ammunition the next time one of the hirelings gets in the chair talking about NOTHING!!

  • Vegan - ish? Perhaps a nutrient dense diet should be the real talk

    in Current Events

    What is a vegan diet?  Why should I try a different diet?  Am I getting all the nutrients I need from my food?  Do you have to 'follow' a diet that others are labeling you with?  Perhaps you just eat healthy foods that support your life and body and do the best you can, is that ok?  What is a plant based diet?
    Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose is the author of Veganish:  The Omnivore's Guide to Plant Based Cooking which allows us to choose that path of nutrition that might suit us as an individual.  This book shares tips on how to get started with food items that you may not be familiar with.  Many recipes are included to balance a diet with nutrients we may be lacking.  Mielle shares her journey with health challenges that caused her to jump a little off the path of vegetarian and a mother to get dense nutrients in to heal the body.
    For more information visit:  www.PieceOfMyHeartKitchen.com

  • Soldier Engraver Forger with Deborah M. Child

    in History

    Art historian and genealogist Deborah M. Child joins Jane today to talk about her new book Soldier Engraver Forger: Richard Brunton's Life on the Fringe in America's New Republic. 

  • Can Rituals give Your Life a Purpose?

    in Current Events

    What is a life of meaning and purpose?  I don't get it, what is the purpose of life, I have a job and kids and bills, isn't that enough?  A passion is not something on everyone's dialogue, how did that feel running off your lips?  What is the Passion test?  What really matters in your life?
    Chris Attwood is a co-author of Your Hidden Riches:  Unleashing the power of ritual to create a life of meaning and purpose which talks about living your passion. 
    For more information visit:  www.TheHiddenRiches.com

  • DNA and Adoptions with CeCe Moore

    in History

    CeCe Moore joins Jane today to talk about her work with adoptions and DNA.

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