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    Christmas Break

    in Current Events

    Enjoying my family will resume on January 8th, 201

  • Sunday Night Real Talk w/ MisterDirect

    in Current Events

    What has happened all week long?
    What is the latest news story to capture our attention?
    Tired of Fox, Cnn, Msnbc, or other slanted news?
    Tired of slanted links and not knowing the other side of the story?
    Join MisterDirect for an open banter discussion on the latest topics. 
    Join MisterDirect while we discuss Social, Political, Scientific, Technology, Health, and many more subjects. 
    Since it's REAL TALK you never know where the conversation will go.
    Guest call in line (347)205-9571

  • Old Time Religion? From Pentecostal to Unitarian-Universalist

    in Current Events

    Tonight our guest is Misha Sanders, a minister currently interning with Tree of Life UU Congregation in McHenry, IL.  Misha was raised in the United Pentecostal Church, but has embraced a progressive religious vocation.
    Charley Earp is also a former Pentecostal who is preparing for UU ministry as well. Misha and Charley are both students at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. They will have a conversation about their parallel paths to UU ministry, as well as what Unitarian-Universalism offers to our world as a religious path.

  • UFO History Lesson S1 Ep 3

    in History

    Come learn some this they don't want you to kno

  • Holiday Break

    in Current Events

    Well there will be no show tonight because it's a brand New Year, so enjoy your family and friends like I plan to do and I'll see you next week with Johnnie Steele and the 4Real band.

  • No show this week. At Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

    in History

    No show this week. Catch us again in two weeks.

  • Telling the Neal Family Story with Marcellaus A. Joiner

    in History

    Marcellaus A. Joiner: Supervisor of the Heritage Research Center at the High Point Public Library and the Archivist for the High Point Museum in High Point, North Carolina. Marcellaus has a B.A.in History from North Carolina A&T State University and a Masters of Library Science from North Carolina Central University. He has proudly worked in the Archives and Library field for over the past 8 years. He is also a member of the Kappa Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.
    Marcellaus A. Joiner will discuss his research on his Neal family’s past as well as discuss how his career played a large part in his family research findings. In addition, this discussion will focus on how Marcellaus linked his family to William Neal the slave owner of Greene County, Georgia.  This fascinating story and research will explore how he discovered that his third great grandmother Zilphy Ann Neal was owned by William Neal and that they had seven children together. His 2nd great grandfather John Neal was the only child that he could find in his research that moved away from Georgia in the early 20’s. One of Marcellaus major reasons for doing this research is to help reestablish these family lines.

  • You're Not Crazy: You're Awakening

    in Current Events

    Spend a fact filled evening with me and my guest Dr. Edwige who will explain those odd dreams and paranormal experiences as she guide you to embracing your multi-dimensional self and she will help you realize your soul purpose.

  • Digitalized DNA - The Corporate Genome

    in News

    It has always been mankind's nature to push the boundaries of science. Since the explosion of the digital age, virtually nothing has been left unaffected by tampering as we strive manipulate and mold the world around us as we see fit. Corporations have excelled at the capitalization of this advancement and have implemented these new technologies to create a seemingly boundless profit-driven industry. The integration of digital information now reaches into all aspects of life and has reached new levels as computer programs are able to recreate complete digital genomes. This allows them to simulate and map evolutionary outcomes through electronic hardware that can be successfully merged with living cells, thereby producing hybridized biology at the cellular level. This may sound like science fiction but it is happening now and comes with major implications. Where is it all going and what could happen when it gets there?

  • Psychic Roots with Henry Z Jones

    in History

    Serendipity? Chance? Metaphysics? Author Henry Z Jones discusses these and his book Psychic Roots as it applies to genealogy research. 

  • Getting the scoop from Dr. Calhoun

    in Current Events

    Spend a wonderful evening with me and my guest Dr. Moses Calhoun as he sheds light on the story surrounding Whitney Houston's death. Also insight  on Caitlin Jenner and Presidentual candidate Ben Carson and his stance on  men in prison and the issue of them being gay.  This is going to be a wonderful night of jaw dropping. So tune in at 7:30pm EST and call into the studio by calling 347-945-6003.

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