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  • QTI Power Hour: Politics, Sports, & Steve's Lips - It's All up for Grabs

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    Hosts Jason Lofton and Steve Kucharski are back at it again live in the studio after some vacation. On this episode you'll discover what's going on in Washington and in sports plus highlights (and lowlights) from Steve's vacation in Colorado.... Everything is up for discussion this week on the QTI Power Hour so sit back and have some fun.
    Jason Lofton is President and CEO of QTI, a diversified player in all aspects of construction throughout the Midwest. To learn more about the show hosts, go online: http://www.qti5.com 

  • Manhattan Beach 360

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    The South Bay Show is an internet radio program on the air LIVE three days each week on Blog Talk Radio.
    Tuesday’s at 7am PST focus is on disaster preparedness and how to enhance your level of readiness in case of an emergency situation.
    Thursdays at 8am PST feature leisure activities and special events in the South Bay by Jackie Spotlight.
    Fridays at 8am PST we focus on the Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce, their role in the community and how they advance the quality of life in the Beach Cities.
    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit
    To Find Out More about George Butts visit
    Web: http://www.MBCERTA.org
    Email: gbutts@mbcerta.org
    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit
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  • Rose Colombo N The Justice Club /Refreshing In-Depth Social Issues/3/27/2015

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    Listen Live:  Rose Colombo N The Justice Club, MWF, 9am-10:30am pst-usa and 12-!:30p est, with special guests and authors, call-in listeners, and Rose's indepth discussion of the social issues of the day that affect every man, woman, and child in the USA and around the world.  Rose's special guests and authors share their expertise on love, dating, battered women, growing up in the inner cities, constitutional issues, politics, Obamacare, health, DMSO, Cancer, pets, and much more....a myriad of topics that touch everyone on a daily basis. Rose's wise life's first-hand experiences, research, interviews, and documentation, videos, books, newspaper column and articles, and having been quoted and seen in local and major newspapers, magazines, TV and radio as a "Crusdader" and "Advocate" for justice led her to create, produce, and host cable TV shows and radio shows on Am-Fm radio and online worldwide radio shows at Fredomizer Radio  All shows are archived at www.freedomizerradio and at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows, www.rose4justice.com

  • Grace Under Fire: Monica Lewinksy, Mo'one Davis & Angeline Jolie

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    There was a common theme with some of this week's women headliners:  Grace Under Fire.  Monica Lewinsky took the world with her powerful TedTalk in Toronto, Mo'Ne Davis shows true sportsmanlike conduct and the art of forgiveness with her twitter bully, and Angelina Jolie undergoes another controversial surgery to minimize her risk of ovarian cancer.  In the world of business, women dominated some of the most talked about headlines: Google's first female CFO Ruth Porat, Lockheed Martin Chair & CEO Marillyn Hewson & General Dynamics CEO Phebe Novakovic.  Let's not forget about the world of sports- get your update on March Madness & the NCAA Women's Basketball standings, the LPGA wrapped up its JTBC Founders Cup, tennis' most colorful & trendy Miami Open & the NFL tries to explain itself again. 


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    Explore the health benefits of using essential oils.  These naturally occurring oils are extracted from seeds, flowers,stems, bark and other parts of plants.  Essential oils have been described as the "soul" of the plant. Their use dates by to biblical times and includes food preparation, beauty treatments,household cleaning and healthcare practices. Essential oils can be pleasantly and powerfully fragrant.  These aromatic oils are rapidly growing in popularity because of their anti- inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. If you suffer from arthritis, headaches, nasal congestion or just need  to improve your mood, you won't want to miss part two of Essential Oils and You. Join host Dawn Stovall and co-host Dr. T.B. Stovall on A Total Body Synergy Friday, March 27th at 12 noon (est). Find out which essential oils you can use to relieve pain and improve your well being naturally.

  • The UConn and Tenn Women's College Basketball Rivalry

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    Jeff Goldberg will discuss his book Unrivaled: UConn, Tennessee, and the 12 Years that Transcended Women's Basketball.

  • The Woo Group Review RBC Wealth Management Hong Kong USA på RBC søk 15 studenter

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    Scholarship Søknadsfrist er 19 februar 2015
    TORONTO, 9 desember 2014 - en mulighet til å gjøre en reell samfunnet forskjell, en "tankevekkende" mulighet til å jobbe frivillig i utlandet og viktig hjelpe med den økonomiske byrden opplæring-disse er blant fordelene sitert av tidligere vinnerne av RBC studenter ledende endre stipend som RBC begynner å godta årets programmer.
    Programmet gir $150.000 i stipend til 15 Canadas mest kommunal-tenkende studenter i tre kategorier: eksamen High School eller CÉGEP, første Undergraduate-grad eller diplom, og andre grad eller diplom.
    Programmer er nå åpen og tilgjengelig online.
    "Dagens elever ønsker å gjøre en forskjell i sine lokalsamfunn og i verden. Vi ønsker å hjelpe studenter fokus på det som er viktig for dem, oppfordrer sine civic spirit og akademiske mål, uten å måtte bekymre seg så mye om å betale for den økende kostnader av skolen,"sier Melissa Jarman, direktør, Student bank, RBC.
    Ifølge statistikk Canada betalte heltid studenter i gjennomsnitt $5,959 i skolepenger i 2014/2015, opp 3,3 prosent fra i fjor.

  • Friday Night Live - Patriot Nation

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    Rod Eccles will be with Mark this round on Patriot Nation. On Friday Night Live we'll get an update on the happenings at Camp Lone Star. Be sure and set your reminders. Don't miss out on our Special guest!

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    The Wake Up Mission Show With Chelene Nightingale & Special Guest Jimmy Bell

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    The Jimmy Bell Story ... The Song “Saving Grace” Born: James Allen Dzwonkowski on January 10, 1955 in Chicago Illinois. I grew up in a two parent household until the age of 13 when my parents divorced,and enjoyed a fairly normal childhood aside from becoming rebellious once I reached my later teens. In 1974 I joined Job Corp in Anaconda, Montana and spent a year in Big Sky Country.I fought forest fires with the crew up there, received my G.E.D. and became a certified welder.All this time still playing guitar when I wasn't studying. Let the Craziness Begin: 1979I was introduced by a girlfriend to some musicians in Fort Collins, Colorado who had a band and needed a new lead singer. I auditioned and got the job! Can we say, all night parties, drugs,booze and living from place to place? Bars, gigs, college keg parties with hundreds of people attending to see us and other bands play. It didn't take long and I moved to Fort Collins. Too much other stuff to list.          

  • Robert Cardoza Live "On The Street"

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    Today on Robert Cardoza Live we talk Politics, Money and You. My Expert Contributor David Garrett "On the Law" discusses current events and the law. My Special Guest Sean LaFave continues her series "Geared For Wellness" where he talks Healthcare. I will present the News, Current Events, The IRS Loses, Inside The IRS, The Harvard Business Tip Of The Day, Lifestyle,Interesting but Useless Facts, Technology and I will close the show ansering your emails.

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