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    Creating Wealth

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    On today's episode, our expert panelists will discuss the many strategies that each of us can use to build wealth for ourselves, our families and in our communities. Each panelist will offer valuable tips and advice that will help us fix our bad debt so that we can begin to save money for future investments. We will also discussion starting a business and what is required for our businesses to remain successful once we create them. We will talk about buying land and owning a home, and the type of programs that are available for first time home owners. We will discuss why it is important for black people to support black businesses and to bank at black-owned banks. And lastly we will discuss individual fiscal responsibilities and accountable regarding how we spend and invest our money. 

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    Helios Biblios HOUR, THE Sun Book aka Bible

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    Do Christians Worship the Sun? No, of course not, but their belief is not holy and it has a root in ancient Sun worship. Check it out. The word Holy Bible derives from the Greek Words Helios Biblos. Helios means Sun and Biblos is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, papyrus, which means paper. "Holy Bible" means Sun Book (or compiled papers) and represents the knowledge of the "Children of the Sun" as recorded by the original inhabitants of Egypt.The biblical Jesus, for the most part, is the SUN in the sky. The fiery SUN. John 3:19 "I am the Light of the world," Psalms 84:11 "the Lord God is a sun….," Deuteronomy 4:24 "God is a consuming fire," Mal. 4:2 "Sun of Righteousness," and John 12:46 "...a light into the world" are just a few examples. The 12 apostles of the biblical Jesus are the constellations.People are not born from virgins. The Virgin birth is the SUN having its start (solar calendars) in the constellation of Virgo as it was in some areas of the world. (Virgo is Latin for virgin) The name Mary is symbolic to the names Auset-Meri (Isis) and Maya. Isis was the Virgin mother of the astrological Sun God Heru (Horus) of ancient Egypt. In Buddhist mythology, Maya was the name of the virgin mother of Siddhartha (the Buddha of 2,500 years ago). There are more astrological virgin mothers besides these three. In fact, there were over 10 "crucified saviors" before Jesus, because these are mythological and esoteric stories based on the SUN and it's movements. Virgo is the only female constellation, the celestial virgin.The resurrection of Lazarus is a plagiarized story taken from the Ausarian Resurrection of over 12,000 years ago, which was also based on the SUN. In the story, the God Ausar (Osirus) was killed by his brother, Set (origin of the word Satan). The son (Sun) of Ausar (Osirus), named Heru (Horus in Greek) avenged his father's death.

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    Join us for the Live On-Air Council 
    In claiming Sovereignty people must return to the original religion and language and must leave behind colonialized religion. A lot of Indians cling to treaty that is not treaty and that is not what will help you regain sovereignty. It is not the treaties themselves that are the protection; it is reestablishing the Traditional Government & Religious System. 
    How do we follow a Path that will truly lead to Sovereignty and overcome alienation, severality and guardianship: the three things that make you prisoners of war? 
    We continue Counciling on the 7 Easy Steps to Sovereignty and Stopping the Pipelines: 1. Embrace Courage - Confront Fear; 2. Educate and Inform Self & Dispel Preconceptions Through Open-Mindedness; 3. Create Unity around Sovereignty (Family, Community, Nation, World); 4. Unite the 4 Directions and Establish the Joining of Free Nations; 5. Create a Constitution - of Life and Governance; 6. Re-affirm and Declare Independence; 7. "Be" (Act/Speak/Know-Self as) Sovereign. 
    This week we focus on Step 4: Uniting the 4 Directions and Establishing the Joining of Free Nations

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    03-13-2017 Vortex Network News with Aurora Light

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    VNN... for all the news you'll never get on CNN
    Recorded "LIVE" at the LAUNCHING PAD studio in Scottsdale AZ, join Aurora Light and Doctor Whodini every Monday Evening starting at 5:00PM PT (8:00PM ET). 2-hours a week of talk radio like nowhere else on the Earth! We Talk About: Government Cover-ups - UFOs & ET Contact - Suppressed Technologies - Health Modalities
    The 1st Hour - Aurora Light and Doctor Whodini talk about the latest news about AuroraTek.
    The 2nd Hour - Doctor Whodini talks about the latest news from around the world.
    Visit our great websites: http://VortexNetworkNews.com http://AuroraTek.us http://Intalek.com

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    We Are Not Cattle Radio #130

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    Topic for the show:  Its our first show back since the election.  Much has changed in both of our lives.  We will go over the reaction from the mainstream and alternative media as well as everyone's favorite gameshow Alex Jones NLP.  We also introduce our documentary review segment.  This weeks documentary is Minimalism.  If you have any docs you wish us to review or promote please contact us at wearenotcattle@gmail.com.  Thank you for your support and spread the word.

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    Minneapolis PD Chief Janee Harteau on the Ron and Don Show...Wednesday

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    Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau will be on the air with Ronald A. Edwards and Don Allen to talk about the latest Department of Justice report. Some don't understand the importance nor signifigance of this document, but consider this a teachable moment when Ron and Don have Minnneapolis' #1 #TopCop live on the air Wednesday night. The phone lines will be open after our conversations with the chief. This and much, more! 

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    ATUN RE Presents The Little Brother Series

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    This week Part 2 of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy with Author Gary Wayne. Chapters 12, 13, 32 and parts of Section V: Azazel, Lucifers Revenge, The Nephilim Wars, and The Guardians of The Anti-Christ. Join the conversation 646-668-8952 press "1" to to talk to Gary LIVE
    The Awakening Liberty Show is a hard hitting program focused of truth, freedom and liberty from a Christian perspective. Join Sean every Saturday night at 6 pm pacific time to explore world events. The show includes commentary, news and analysis of the New World Oder Globalist agenda and how it relates to biblical prophecy. 
    Website: AwakeningLibertyShow  Show Archives, Stack Of Truth, About, and Calendar
    Website: AwakeningLibertyStore Legacy Premium Emergency Food, Survival Gear, and Health and Wellnes Products. Support the Show and the Christian Patriots Network

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    Abortion Bill Mutiny

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    Host, Juda Myers and cohost Leslie Hanks will explore the phenomenon that has many people scratching their heads. Juda is the founder of Choices4Life.org and Leslie is the President of American Right to Life. Several states in the US have attempted to ban abortion. You'd think Republicans and Pro Life groups would be supportive. They are not. These groups are the reason these bills are being "killed." Amy is the Founder/Executive Director of Hoosiers for Life, an Indiana non-profit involved in bold legislation and activism to stop abortion.  Her approach is to eliminate abortion through educating the public, designing and promoting strong legislation, and by taking a bold stance that does not compromise.  Approx 8000 Hoosier babies are murdered every year from abortion. Hoosiers for Life was the leading force behind the proposed Protection at Conception Bill in the 2017 Legislative session.  They created a conversation in Indiana that had never happened before.  Amy believes that it’s our duty to protect the innocent, as a believer in Christ and as a Patriot.  You will hear her say often, “It is never the wrong time to do the right thing.” Iowa resident Tom Hoefling, Chairman of America's Party- President, Equal Protection for Posterity and Publisher, CAN-DO-USA.com joins us to speak about the Personhood bill that was "killed" in Iowa. Tom ran for President 2017 and is dedicated to restore America's original intent of our constitution. His passion is to see life respected and protected from the womb to natural death. Andy Prior if Equal Protection for Posterity works diligently to end all legal abortion. He will share info concerning current bills in Texas.  

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    Exclusive with Scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates

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    Literary scholar, journalist, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Dr. Henry Louis Gates joins your family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton to discuss the historical civilizations of Africa. Listen in with a friend for one groundbreaking interview.
    *Thank you for visiting our page. Please visit www.ltaradio.com.  #LTARadio  

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    Let's look back at the Alton Sterling Case an Interview with Andricka Williams

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    The Alton Sterling case made National News Headlines when on July 5th, 2016 he was shot several times at close range while held down on the ground by two white Baton Rouge Police Department officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Police were responding to a report that a man in a red shirt was selling CDs, and that he had used a gun to threaten someone outside a convenience store. The shooting was recorded by multiple bystanders and the shooting led to protests in Baton Rouge and a request for a civil rights investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.
    Work Cited: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Alton_Sterling

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