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    Let's Talk About Community Affairs, Issues, and Business in Tangipahoa Parish

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    What going on in your community? Are there any issues, business matters and community affairs you would like to discuss with host Antoinette Harrell? Whether the issues are about litter, politics, community news. We want to hear from you. 

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    First Nation Traditional Pow Wow Music

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    ....................................................First Nation Traditional Pow Wow Music..............................................

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    18: Which Side are you on?

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    This episode will discuss Starbucks and their recent controversy, Monique positive gesture at her Grand Prairie, Tx show and the affects on life and liberty when governments underfunds protective services. This will include a personal story surrounding this. To become a patron of this program go to www.patreon.com/speakingthetruth/creators. For instant coaching or counseling contact me at https://www.instantgo.com/anthonywaynebrow Via text, voice or video chat.

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    Exposing Ascension Parish Louisiana Judge

    in Current Events

    We will be exposing what is really going on with Judge Kliebert and he needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for what he is doing to families because he has IMMUNITY you will hear proof of kidnapping we will be sharing true court domments

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    Radio el Rey Walter Hernandez

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    Sports talk

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    Test run

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    Gangs, are they a Family?

    in War

    We all know gangs have existed throughout the ages. Its 2010, what have we learned so far? Is there really a need for gangs? Why join? I'm asking all members of any "gang" no matter what set you're repping to join me for what I hope will be an eye opening show!No beef here!

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    Prayers Are Heard Trust Believe

    in Current Events

    There are incredible advances that can greatly enhance your life and loved ones. TUNE INTO Earth’s Jubilee Radio Programs and prepare to be amazed. Keep your eyes on the skies and hearts and minds dancing. The Sky isn't the limit. Love is unlimited, creativity and your imagination. Let's Celebrate Life free of harm to our fellow cocitizens and mother earth. There is much to learn, explore and share ... Advanced civilizations and spiritually advanced socities are eager to peacefully interact and can mentor the earths populations to thrive together on a paradise planet.

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    The Search for Restorative Justice ON THE SCALES OF JUSTICE will bring to the microphone experts, victims, perpetrators, advocates, and so many more to talk about the plight of men and women who have spent years or even their entire lives incarcerated; people who have repented from their wrong actions and are now changed human beings, We will discuss the changing of laws so that the world can began to realize how powerful we all are, that we speak up, our united voices bring about change, So many of us still have to struggle against bigotries that go along with our freedom. The Scales will interview many beloved icons who work closely with victims and offenders to heal wounds. Expect to be amazed by what you hear on this show  and be prepared to fall in love with the people who are fighting in the heat of the battle to restore justice in our country.
    On The Scales, Shirley will be bringing the good news of the people and programs that are impacting children, care givers, decision makers, and more, out here in the trenches. We must begin to realize how thoroughly we can effect change. Once a week the show will be shedding light onto topics that many others won’t touch. America must be reminded that children are the future and that the future is RACING toward us...We can't delay any longer, or confused children will become adults...Then What?. 
    .  We all here at the The Scales of Justice are excited for the conversations coming our way by experts who will answer questions plagueing our nation...Tune in April 20th at 8:00 PM...


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    Tom and Jen talks about and explains the First Amendment.

    in Current Events

    Tom and Jen will talk about the First Amendment and how are abusive court system violated. And if anyone tries to stand up to protect amendments they will tell you you don't know what you're talking about. So when this continues to be done the system and as well as our government or Corporation you can call them is allowing it to happen and continue to do what is wrong instead of what is right and less someone is in the closed Circle they allow it to go on of the system if several people would address it it would show a pattern. But instead we can't fix it individually because when you do you get told that you have to go to this person that person and in the end it ends up being a dead-end street people need to wake up and continue to protect our Constitution and when something is wrong or they violate them we need to hold them accountable for their actions and with this abusive and corrupted government that doesn't seem to benefit to people it just keeps failing to Me Maybe

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