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    Donald Trump Could Become U.S. President

    in Current Events

    Donald Trump announced his campaign for U.S. President on June 17, 2015. Some people began wondering "Is he really serious? He's running for U.S. President?"
    Trump could not be bought because he funds his own campaign, and not one bit ashamed to say what's on his mind or what he thinks. People may be uncomfortable with his choice of words, but he gets highly respected for his honesty which is something people cannot associate with other elected officials.
    People said that Trump would evenually drop out of the Presidential race last year, but that did not appear to be true after his successful win in New Hampshire and South Carolina. The Republican party once said: "We rather have a Democrat win the election before we have Trump in the White House."
    It seems as if the Republican party has an entirely different opinion after Trump's recent win in 7 out of 11 U.S. States. The Republican Party may have realized thier opinion is worthless because taxpayers make the official decision. The Republican Party may be having a difficult time with Donald Trump's successful campaign because their political career may be endangered by taxpayers if they support someone other then Trump.
    What do you think?
    Will Donald Trump become the Republican nominee?
    Will John Kasich and Marco Rubio continue their campaign or eventually drop out of the race?
    Listener Comment Line -- (602) 753-1725
    Twitter at : @StatenIslandNow

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    Is America Great Debate

    in Current Events

    Debating racists about American Values.

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    The Eric Priest Show - Episode 46 - Wrestling Legend Baby Doll - Part 2

    in Current Events

    Greetings wrestling fans - This past Monday, we had so much fun interviewing Baby Doll that she has agreed to return this Friday, for Part 2 of my interview. So please join us at 5:00 pm Eastern time. 

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    Confusion and 'What Abouts' in Religion

    in Current Events

    There are a lot of "religions" and even more ideas built in and around each of them.  On Mondays show, we will be discussing some of the peripheral stuff in Christianity and will try to separate what is important and what are mere distractions to the basic building blocks of Salvation.
    For example, The Rapture, giants, fallen angels, demons, and more.
    Join us with our special guest Wild Bill for America as we try to unpack some of these issues.  This is sure to be a very interesting show..   

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    Money Matters

    in Current Events

    I have an indepth discussion with our guest on the matter of money. Career choices, investing, entreprenuership,pulling resources, taking leaps of faith, saving and accumulating wealth. 

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    What is it like growing up Latino in America?

    in Current Events

    What is it like growing up Latino in America?

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