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    White Privilege: Rhetoric or Real?

    in Current Events

    Join us as we journey back to a time in American history where the real game of monopoly began.      
    In fact, let's begin with the capture, enslavement and transplanting of the African, the Negro, who today in America is often referred to by the designation African-American, a direct descendant of the "peoples and the continent where  the origins of man began".
    Picture, a living, breathing human being, abducted from the safety of his village, extracted from the meadows of his hunting grounds or the farmland of his family.
    Chackled one after the other in human chains that stretched from land to sea and tossed like cargo unto the belly of waiting ships - by his kidnappers, "freedom was no longer an option".  
    From that very day, that very moment of  enslavement, capture "against his will", the life of the African and his offspring in the Americas, the "African-American" was halted!
    Imagine, but keep in mind that what I'm about to say is real, imagine your way of life, your livelihood, your family, being instantly taken from you - imagine that for 400 plus years!
    Imagine the person or persons who we'll refer to as the benefactors, imagine what they gained while you were held hostage?
    Who are they and what did they gain?
    Join Darrell Feagin, Sr., Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) for this mind opening dialogue

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    Anonymous Radio Show

    in Current Events

                                                                                ANONYMOUS RADIO SHOW
    SHOW HOST : Anonymous Virus
    SHOW TIME : 1:00 Pm
    WEBSITE : Www.blogtalkradio.com/anonymousradioshow
    PHONE :  ( 323 )642 - 166

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    A Clear Danger

    in Current Events

    The arming and preparation to support our cause.  There is a wide array of threats to our liberty and our Republic.  

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    Crime Talk - Help Find Missing TN Teenager

    in News

    Live Crime chat about the missing Tennessee teenager who is alleged to have been lured by a former teacher.  The man is now on the TBI's most wanted list.  The teen was last seen on March 13, 2017.  It's been 7 days.  They have great concerns about the man who is suspected of abducting her.  Police warn not to approach him if you spot him, but to call the police or the TBI because he may be armed.   
    Call into discuss this case live.  Show starts soon.  
    Join us here nightly for more live crime talk.  

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    Is America Great Debate

    in Current Events

    Debating racists about American Values.

  • 01:56

    The Eric Priest Show - Episode 46 - Wrestling Legend Baby Doll - Part 2

    in Current Events

    Greetings wrestling fans - This past Monday, we had so much fun interviewing Baby Doll that she has agreed to return this Friday, for Part 2 of my interview. So please join us at 5:00 pm Eastern time. 

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    Confusion and 'What Abouts' in Religion

    in Current Events

    There are a lot of "religions" and even more ideas built in and around each of them.  On Mondays show, we will be discussing some of the peripheral stuff in Christianity and will try to separate what is important and what are mere distractions to the basic building blocks of Salvation.
    For example, The Rapture, giants, fallen angels, demons, and more.
    Join us with our special guest Wild Bill for America as we try to unpack some of these issues.  This is sure to be a very interesting show..   

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    Money Matters

    in Current Events

    I have an indepth discussion with our guest on the matter of money. Career choices, investing, entreprenuership,pulling resources, taking leaps of faith, saving and accumulating wealth. 

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    What is it like growing up Latino in America?

    in Current Events

    What is it like growing up Latino in America?

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