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    Truth is the new Terrorism w/ Malcolm Flex

    in Current Events

    1.28.18 @7pm PST call in 929-477-2174 (press one to ask a question/make a comment)
    We will have Good Brother Malcolm Flex on tonight to discuss the agenda to suppress eliminate any point of view not agreeable to white supremacy.
    We have seen many powerful voices neutralized of the last few years on main stream & social media. I and some of you have been flagged, suspended etc for our opinion or expression. After this program there will be absolutely clear, as to why this is happening, who is behind it and that it is VERY real!
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    Also check out. 
    Twitter @BlackistandRBG
    IG @Kweli_Bosi
    YouTube @Malcolm Flex  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZkGUPAxQ5s

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    Freedom Of Disinformation with Alan Dransfield Aka Mr Vexatitious

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    Freedom Of Disinformation with Alan Dransfield Aka Mr Vexatitious 
    The Vexatious King of England Alan M Dransfield from Boston Lincs  has discovered that her Brexit Department have been using the Dransfield Vexatious Court Precedent  to hide Brexit Info from Joe Public. The PM used the Dransfield VEX BS 40 times whilst in charge of the Home Office, hence ,she thinks she has found a "SILVER BULLET" TO Gag Joe Public and to prevent was her dirty pant in public.He will expose these fruaulent vexatious exemption tomow nightat 20-00hrs on Fredom Talk Radio withyouHost Andy Peacher
    Freedom of Information and Health and Safety
    This blog is aimed at shaming those who ignore health and safety and those who abuse the Freedom of Information Act out of laziness, corruption or to cover up incompetence.
    Alan Dransfield is a tireless Freedom of Information and Health and Safety Campaigner, based in Exeter, Devon.  The Freedom of Information Act. The Freedom of InformationAct ( FOIA ) gives you the right to access recorded informationheld by public sector organisations. Anyone can requestinformation – there are no restrictions on your age, nationality or where you live.
    7 Principles of public life.   Selflessness integrity Objectivity Accountability Openness Honesty Leadership

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    Truckers helping families in need during Christmas

    in Current Events

    Truckers helping families in need during Christmas Friday 6PM eastern 347-826-9170
    Christmas time! A time of joy and celebration of the Lord's birth. A time when people look forward to family and friends, food, fun, and nostalgia. But for many, this time of year can be difficult. Many have fallen on hard times.  The good news though is that there are many truckers who have stepped up to do what they can do to help others in need out. One such group is the Truckers Christmas Group (TCGO)  TCG is a 501(c)(3) registered charity The Truckers Christmas Group began in 2008 by Truckers who wanted to help Truckers and their families that have fallen on difficult times, The Christmas Group is a volunteer group who have raised $82,000 and helped 138 trucking families in need  over the last 10 years.
    Our guests tonight will be Idella Hansen, Mark Abraham, and possibly Greg Manchester ( Santa Clause) of TCGO They will share with us the history and some heartwarming stories about people who have been helped during this blessed holiday becasue of folks just like you. They'll also share how you can Nominate a Family to be helped.   Purchase gifts from the TCG Store  or even  Sponsor a Family
     Donate to this worthy cause at the TCGO Donation Page.

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    Lucky Luciano with Christian Cipollini

    in History

    Christian Cipollini sits down with the boys to talk about the pressure of speaking at the Vegas Mob Museum, and creating a graphic novel about a gangster. We get Christian's insight into Lucky Luciano's partnership with Frank Costello, "The Prime Ministers" role in the creation of Murder Inc., as well as the Mob's and it's stance on drugs.

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    The Liberty Restoration Information Show

    in Current Events

    Join Ernest Lee by calling (347)855-8301, (press 1 to 'raise your hand'), or clicking this link to listen online, for discussion on how to reset this country back on the principles of its founding fathers.

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    The Light to The Gentiles

    in History

    You Christians need to sit your ass down somewhere and stop reading passages out of the bible you don't understand !!! The problem with the American Negro is you love everybody and everybody don't love you!!!!

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    The Political Cesspool w James Edwards 12.26.18: Guest - Jason Kohne

    in Current Events

    hr 1
    James Edwards and Keith Alexander take a call from a TPC listener who is spending Christmas in South Africa before taking on the following topics: President Trump’s recent actions, the Edwards Precedent resurfaces in Michigan, and advertisers abandon Tucker Carlson.
    hr 2
    Guest: Jason Kohne – Jason Kohne is the author of Born Guilty.
    hr 3
    We dive into TPC’s mailbag and dedicate our final hour before Christmas to the audience that has showered us with so much love and support this month.
    VK: ResolutionRDO  FB: ResolutionRDO G: ResolutionRDO
    Support Resolution RADIO. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising!
    T: @JamesEdwardsTPC

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    Clear & Convincing - Episode 33 - Wisconsin v. Avery & Dassey w/Ken Kratz

    in Current Events

    On November 3, 2005, Teresa Halbach, a 25-year old photographer from Calumet County, Wisconsin was reported missing by her mother.  The last time anyone saw or heard from her was on Monday, October 31.  Her last appointment on that date was booked by Steven Avery, who used the name “B. Janda” to photograph a van located at Avery Auto Salvage in Manitowoc County.  On  November 5, Teresa’s Toyota RAV-4 was found hidden on the Avery property by civilians who were searching the salvage yard with permission from Earl Avery.  A .22 rifle was seized from Avery’s trailer on November 6 and a burned Motorola cell phone and burned Canon camera were found in a burn barrel near Avery’s trailer on November 7.  On November 8, 2005, a Toyota key was found in the bedroom of Avery’s trailer.  The license plate for Teresa’s vehicle was found later inside a car on the Avery property.  In February, 2006, an Avery cousin reported that 16-year old Brendan Dassey had been acting out, crying a lot and losing weight.  During questioning on March 1, 2006, Dassey admitted to his involvement in Teresa’s murder and provided information that led to the discovery of a .22 bullet with Teresa’s DNA in Avery’s garage and Avery’s epithelial DNA on the hood latch of Teresa’s vehicle.  Join Lisa O’Brien and Michael Carnahan on December 18, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. Central for an interview with Kenneth Kratz, the former Calumet County prosecutor who tried Avery and Dassey and the author of Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What “Making a Murderer” Gets Wrong.   We’ll discuss the evidence linking Avery and Dassey to the murder of Teresa Halbach and the backlash from the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer.  We’re a live show and calls are welcome.  Our phone number is (347) 989-1171.  

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    Join Or Die The Movement To Abolish Government & Restore Law

    in News

    chris dorsey is joined by david dauterive and clifford eberhardt to discuss the most important issues facing humainity.  Topics include the implosion of economy/society and how to restore legitimate Government through the lawful abolition of the current unconstitutional regimeThe inside story on the economic collaps of December 2018.  The need to shut down this so called Government forever.  The United nations all out war on the people.  The Federal Reserve and the Bank For International Settlements controlled demolition of the global economy for the people.  How the owners of the institutions which control Government shorted the global economy.  No one at this point can refute what we have been saying for years regading the Rothschild Jewish Mob controlling all Governments.  Discussing the Chabad Lubavitch mob pulling strings in DC,London,Moscow,Beijing,NYC, Brussels, Paris etc.  The Jesuit order and their Jewish origin.  The Amercian people have always despised the Roman Catholic Cult until the Rothschild controlled Vatican Bank paid for the infestation of America by the Papist menace.  The latest on Paul Manafort Oleg Deripaska,Roger Stone, Felix Sater, Vladimir Putin,Roman Abramovitch, Rusal, Rosatom, Donald Trump,Bill Clinton,Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell,Jared Kushner, Stanley Fisher, Maria Butina,Semion Mogileivich,Rob Goldstone, and the rest of the Chabad Lubavitch Mob. Continuity of Government Deep Underground cities and bases.  Putin threathening nuclear war over treaty despite overtly controlling Trump on Syria and Afghanistan.  The underground escape route for the Government and corporate leaders during a nuclear attack.Fort McNair, Cheyenne Mountain, Mount Weather, Peters Mountain, Raven Rock etc.  All Corporate/Government/ officials are guilty of Treason.  The solution is simple Join the lawful movement to abolish the Government and restore the Constituion or die.

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    December 24, 2018 Monday

    in News

    December 24, 2018 Monday

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    Bruce Oliver talks CUBA on Lou in the Morning WPFL FM Radio Pensacola FL

    in News

    Lou is currently Host of "Lou in the Morning" a guest driven radio talk show on WPFl.105.1 FM. Bruce Oliver talks about his trip to Cuba and how the average person can travel legally to Cuba during this broadcast.
    Cuba Bound on a "People to People" cruise from the United States. During my first trip to Cuba I'll be traveling to the ports of Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba and the surrounding areas from July 23-31, 2016. During this licensed cruise itinerary I'll interact with the musicians, artists, businesses, and families who make up the community of Cuba. Through me your readers will engage with the Cuban people, experience the sights and sounds of Cuba's beautiful country: the Spanish and French colonial architecture, American classic cars, traditional Cuban music and dance, the coastal fortresses and tall cathedrals, and the cannons on San Juan Hill. In essence I'll be searching for the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of Cuba.
    The purpose of this trip is to do research on U.S. travel to Cuba.
        I will focus on the licensed travel arrangements between the U.S. Government and the Cuban Government.     How can the average citizen become one of the first to travel to Cuba with agencies licensed by both governments?     What can the U.S. traveler expect to see?     What can you expect to eat if you travel to Cuba?     Follow me for more information on Cuba on this licensed cruise/tour of Cuba.

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