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    THE STRENGTH THAT IS IN YOU on Zions Redemption Radio 06-14-2016

    in Religion

    … and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years. (Rev. 20:4)
    Today is not without martyrs. Men are being tortured, imprisoned and killed for their testimony of Christ. Behind the Iron and Bamboo curtains, millions upon millions suffer torture and death in every conceivable form. The example of their courage should spark fire in the faith of the men who bear the Priesthood. But these Christians do not die in vain. Their testimony shall yet stand as a witness to the nations of the earth.
    It is under pressure that men display strength or weakness. Temptations and opposition measure a man’s faith and fortitude. In a Gethsemane men must choose between their will or the will of God, and many of those who prove faithful are often brought to Calvary. But it is also in the torment of trial that men excuse themselves from the battle of resistence and thereby succumb to the temptation of peace at any price. In these trials of life a man’s strength is measured. True strength is not measured in muscle or mind, nor in social or financial power, but rather in the mastery of himself. Without overcoming the opposition of evil forces, no man can gain a crown.
    Zions Redemption Radio Starts Monday through Friday at 11pm utah time.
    Guest call in Number is 516-387-1641

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    Julie Christopher: Love and Intuition

    in Relationships

    We all know that classic song “Love and Marriage” but tonight we’re exploring the powerful link between “love and intuition”…
    With only $50, a guitar, and not speaking any English, Julie Christopher arrived in Los Angeles as a homeless immigrant. Relying only on instinct & intuition, Julie continued her music career and eventually performed on the Grand Ole Opry stage.
    During her journey, she also published her own yoga training DVD. Many of her clients were entrepreneurs and executives who confided in Julie their challenges and obstacles in business and life…
    As a result, Julie developed a blend of meditation, yoga, and intuition to coach professionals to become better leaders. Tonight she will share her “biztuition” process to attract riches–and love –into your life.
    Julie;s been interviewed on nationally syndicated shows like Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield among others. Her website is

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    Ep. 134 - The Ailing Metropolitans

    in Sports

    Michael Conforto is really not performing...what can he do to get back on track?Welcome to the heart of June and welcome to the 134th edition of the Rising Apple Report! At 9pm ET, Sam Maxwell will host with Mike Lecolant and Rich Sparago joining for the latest on all the Mets happenings. With no Mets baseball on, might as well keep talking Mets baseball.
    The Mets are so injured right now that not even manager Terry Collins was immune, being hospitalized prior to the game Sunday and thankfully being released with a clean bill of health (he will manage Tuesday.) It seems the Mets have been dealing with these injuries for their entire existence, and 2016 was unfortunately not immune either. We'll discuss what the Mets can do going forward to get themselves back to the top of the division faster than at this point last season.
    Matt Harvey seems to have a clear head and is starting to look nasty again. Has Harvey figured it out?
    Michael Conforto is really not performing...what can he do to get back on track?
    And as always, we'll discuss the players to wear number 34 in Mets history, as well as the 1934 season of the New York National League.
    And we'll probably talk about Bartolo Colon at some point throughout the podcast. It's bound to happen.
    So, make sure to join us at 9pm ET for the latest edition of the Rising Apple Report!

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    in Entertainment

    Today/s show features a story about "la Casa de Fe" in Shell Ecuador.  Founded by Patti Sue Arnold, it is an orphanage next door to the Amazon, serving abandoned children. Believing that all children are created in God’s image, Casa de Fe is focused on rescuing abused and special needs children. Casa de Fe provides for their physical, spiritual, and educational needs in a loving supportive environment, with the ultimate goal of assisting each of God’s children to achieve their highest potential whether that may be through re-insertion, adoption, or caring for children long term. www.lacasadefe.org  https://vimeo.com/170239030

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    Sport Karate Chat: Greg Ruth Director of the Battle of Atlanta

    in Sports

    Tune into the launch of the AMAA Martial Arts Masters Radio Show, special guest Greg Ruth director of the Battle of Atlanta World Karate Championship, Atlanta Ga and Jessie Bowen director of the AMAA Nationals Charlotte NC. These events are on the forefront of technology and event management for today’s martial arts events. Learn how these events can help brand your martial arts school and provide motivational support for your students. Show host Grandmaster Jessie Bowen 
    Make your nomination for inclusion in the 2016 AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Autobiography Book and AMAA Awards Banquet (Click Here To Make Your Nomination)
    AMAA Sanctioned Events
    June 17th Battle of Atlanta - Atlanta Ga. July 9th All North Carolina Championship July 16th NC Nationals Jacksonville NC Dixieland Nationals - Myrtle Beach SC. AMAA Nationals September 16th - 18th Charlotte NC For more information on the Americam Martial Arts Alliance, LLC
    Call 919-618-8075 EmailL  info@the-amaa,com Website : www.the-amaa.com

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio To Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Energy Works Radio with  Ataana.
    The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Touch: Healing Miracles and Methods with Author Doug Heyes.  Within each of us, there exists a wellspring of radiant healing energy that can be accessed, channeled and used for personal healing and facilitating healing in others. The Touch centers on the practice of RAM Healing™ (Radiance Aesthesia Method™) – a powerful approach to healing, created and developed from a synthesis of interwoven principles and techniques from Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, Kung Fu, Breathwork, Prayer, Shamanic Wisdom, Eastern, Western and Botanical Medicine, Spiritual Psychology and Quantum Theory. Despite its deep, wide-ranging roots, RAM Healing™ is simple, accessible and effective. It can be learned quickly and practiced immediately by anyone, both as a healing modality and as a dynamic pathway to radiant health, authentic empowerment, and Self awakening. Heyes likens the learning curve to Chess: “You can learn the moves in an hour and spend a lifetime mastering the game. When we ?rst start doing this work, we tend to do a lot to achieve minimal results. As we advance, we ?nd ourselves doing less and less to achieve more and more. Finally, as we become masters, we achieve our most dramatic results by doing nothing at all.” The Touch is much more than a teaching guide. Its heartbeat comes through in Heyes’ inspiring “tales from the trail,” milestones on his amazing trek down the path of light, stories of remarkable healings – including his own – that changed his life forever.

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    Open Word..... Pastor Willis (Bill)Tait Jr./Apostle E. Bow Hatley

    in Entertainment

    Salvation, Healing, Deliverance, Filling/Re-Filling, Demons Cast Out. 
    Need peace of mind, have a drug/alcohol addiction, do you know someone that is struggling with an addiction, A loved one/someone you may know caught up in the street life,
    What ever the problem, there IS a solution....
    "Just Give It To Jesus"!!!   For He Is Faithful.

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    Continuation of coverage of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

    in LGBT

    We are discussing the continuation of coverage for the Orlando shooting that has impacted LGBTQ individuals across the world today.  This is the second show channel STRICTLY for today for the Tracy Fort Show.  We are live and streaming.  Please join our chat room as well.  Note the new number ONLY FOR TODAY.  We are here for all LGBT listeners everywhere today.  We love you.  We want you to talk to us.  We are here for you!  We are concerned for everyone's well being!

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    NBA Finals Talk Game 4, NBA Draft Talk

    in Sports

    Warriors take a commanding 3-1 lead with a chance to close Cleveland out Monday back in Oakland. 
    Will LeBron's legacy be tainted if the Cav's lose Monday night? Callers have the option of calling in and discussing other sports topics as well.

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    Texas Biker Radio # 149 - Sunday Special

    in Podcasting

    With Mel Moss & mel Robins of SOLR RC 
    Sunday Special - Terror in America 

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    What makes Hillary so qualified to be the next President of the United States

    in Politics Conservative

    Everybody seems to think that Hillary Clinton is so qualified to be the next President of the United States.  I have been trying to think what has she really accomplished that makes her more qualified to the President than Donald Trump.  I have looked into her time as Secretary of State and I have not seen what she actually accomplished while she was there.  Iraq is not stable, she still has the cloud from Bengazi, questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation and of course the email scandal is still hanging over her.  President Obama is trying to block a private sector solution for the disaster known as Obamacare.  See you tomorrow live at noon