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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    New World Order is getting ready to be launched as European leaders are meeting to unveil the "Superstate" that would be run by Germany and France. Also Russian President Putin is trying to create Eurasian Union or Superstate. Many leaders met in Rome with the Pope to discuss world matters. These and much more events along with bible prophecy and the powerful word of God. 

  • 03:02

    Learn To See Evil

    in News

    War may be evil but it is a lesser evil

  • 00:14

    Nick Paras--Androids Phones/Tables Are More Vulnerable Than Ever Show #50a

    in Current Events

    Nick Paras joined us to explains how to protect your Android phone/tablet. Hackers/identity thieves never sleep. We keep all sorts of valuable information on our phones and it's very scary to think that all of your data that you keep near and dear to you could be stolen in an instant. If things go really bad you need a current back-up so you can restore them and get your phone running quickly and properly. 

  • 01:17

    Plagiarism and Fabrication: Genealogical Land Mines

    in History

    Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, and Robert Charles Anderson, Director of the Great Migration Studies, join Jane to talk about plagiarism and fabrication in genealogy. We may be stepping on genealogical land mines in our research resources if we come upon word-for-word copying of another's work (plagiarism) and works that make up facts (fabrication). Judy and Bob will explain what each is, give examples, and tell how we can avoid the two mines in our research.  They also discuss transcriptions and abstractions, forgeries and copyright infringement. 
    We lost Judy at the end. Here is her reponse to the question I asked just before she was cut off: "It isn't plagiarism to reach our own conclusions! But sometimes proving that they are our own conclusions could be hard, especially if we are going down the same paths that others have trod before us. Since we should have done our reasonably exhaustive research, sometimes what we need to be saying is: 'This is where I came out, and it's the same result reached by others.'"
    Photo credits: Gustave Anjou, Secretary of the American Genealogical Society, Trow's Register of Public Institutions in the Boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx, 1911, p. 69 (www.Fold3.com).
    Robert C. Anderson, New England Historic Genealogical Society.

  • 02:43

    The Helios Biblios Hour :Colonialism Africa Then & Now special guest Ndona Mwana

    in Current Events

    Back then Along with its colonial rivals, Britain was responsible for drawing international boundaries onto Africa in the late 1800s. The Congress of Berlin, held between 1884 and 1885, laid out the rules for European colonization, meaning in the 30 years following, European countries divided up newly colonized territories in a series of bilateral agreements. The new international boundaries were “drawn by Europeans, for Europeans,” and paid little attention to conditions on the ground, says Geography professor Ieuan Griffiths. Despite the arbitrary nature of the boundaries in many parts of Africa, after independence the new African countries became, as Ralph A. Austen of the University of Chicago points out, “staunch defenders of the existing boundaries. And now Foreign investors, with the World Bank, are acquiring vast tracks of land in Africa – at the expense of local farmers. Smallholder farms are disappearing across Africa because of large-scale foreign investment. The “town” chief of the village seemed to be in a state of shock This is a ground-level view of a large land deal in Africa, where in recent years foreign investors have acquired tens of millions of hectares of farmland. In 2009 alone, the World Bank estimates that around the world foreign investors acquired about 56 million hectares of farmland – an area about the size of France – by long-term lease or by purchase. Farmland has become a favourite “new asset” class for private investors; “like gold, only better” according to Capital & Crisis.The World Bank has its own term for the new global land rush. It calls it “agro-investment”An estimated 70 per cent of the demand for farmland is in Africa,  the World Bank Group has been promoting direct foreign investment in Africinva, and enabling the farmland rush.

  • 01:01

    Rebekah Roth: Brexit and its Relationship to 9/11

    in Current Events

    Rebekah and Ramjet look deeply into the relationship between Brexit and another 9/11 event that will allow the elite to maintain control.  When the elite feel threatened then the risk factors escalate substantially.  Rebekah will examine what it all means and in today's volatile world and what it means to those who know that 9/11 events are false flags created to instill fear and to evoke power.  As a result, how might we be prepared in case those in control wish to remind us who and what they are all about with another horrific demonstration?

  • 01:02

    It's Here - Fear On A Global Scale

    in Current Events

    This show is a powerful explanation and discussion of the fulfillment of prophecy and the meaning of the global reset and the financial collapse. We will discuss the ramifications of the financial armageddon that is about to destroy the wealth and power of the white/Western world and just how it will set in motion wars and revolution the world over. This powerful and educational show will enlighten you to facts that we are now in the change of worlds, the change of rulers, the change of Gods, the change of power and wealth and there is nothing that can be done that will stop or prevent these events from taking place because it is for the direct benefit of Black America and the Aboriginal peoples around the world.

  • 01:58

    The Seriouside: Dems sit in, gun control, Freddy Gray acquittal, Brexit, Sanders

    in Current Events

    Good morning and welcome to the Seriouside of the jrilshow.  This morning we will be discussing the following topics:
    Democrats sit in on gun control Sanders will vote for Clinton, but will not endorse Acquittal of police officer in the Freddy Grady case Brexit

  • 01:16

    Understanding The Times In Which We live Today Joseph Gibson Examines Today

    in Current Events

    UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES IN WHICH WE LIVE IN TODAY!!!!!!! Your host Joseph Gibson expert and well studied concerning the up coming New World Order! and The end of times !Broadcasts Sunday s an Thursdays 6 pm east blogtalkradio.com/josephgibson call in to listen or talk 657-383-0616 to listen to talk press 1. This Sunday we re visit the Bible verses evolution! My guest and may be future co host Tone debates Doctor Peter Ventura! We will make sure our callers are not ignored tune in 1!!!!!!

  • 02:35

    Freddy Grays/no justice, What we can do, W.V floods, Orlando shooting & more

    in Current Events

    347-989-8767 6.25.16 5PM est
    Tune in as we go into the trial of the officers in the Freddy Gray case. Should we have seen it coming? How do you feel about it & what can be done?
    Also the West Virginia floods, is the judgement of the All Mighty coming to America?
    We will also go more into the Orlando Shooting from many angles.
    Come and join us and provide your insight, feelings & perspective.
    Call in at 347-989-8767 & chat room will also be open!

  • 01:17

    Kirk Nelson: The Year 2026 and Pyramid Prophesy's

    in News

    Everyone wants to know what will happen in the future…everyone.
    But most people would say there is no way to know what will happen in the future. But there are those people with extraordinary abilities who can predict the future, shamans, astrologers, prophets like Jesus, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, etc... 
    In this program we'll examine the prophecies of Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jesus, and the other Bible prophets. They predict wars, earthquakes, famines, earth changes, and the mystical transformation of humankind to a higher realm of consciousness.
    Second, we will look at the prophecies of America's greatest psychic, Edgar Cayce. Cayce accurately predicted the stock market crash of 1929 and the beginning of World War II. His prophecies about the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are interesting, because they were placed as a guidepost of prophecy for our time. 
    Third, we will examine the physical history of the human race, from primitive man to the new type of human body which will emerge in the future, the so-called Fifth Root Race. 
         Fourth, we will examine the history of UFOs and alien intervention on our planet from the Battle of Los Angeles to Roswell to Belgium to Phoenix. We will look at what the aliens have been up to the past 70 years, and what they will be doing in the future. 
         Fifth, we will examine the incredible astrological aspects of 2024 through 2027, and how this could be the time period that all these prophecies will be fulfilled. We will look at specific dates during this time period to try to predict what will be happening during those years.
    Kirk Nelson has been a student of prophecy for over 40 years and his specialty is the effect of planetary influences on world affairs. He is the author of three books on prophecy, astrology, and the life of Jesus. 

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