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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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With the revelation early this week that Obama is a complete economic moron and the GOP position on Amnesty should we leave? After all, a Texan started the War On Poverty. It has been an abject failure and the fools (from both... more

The Global Warming Cuies get stuck in the ice. Dems and RINOs will be bringing up amnesty soon. We have lost our 4th amendment rights (NDAA). Mack Brown is gone and the UT coach search circus begins. All of you who were hoping that all... more

We can't think of anything more controversial today than whether Phil Robertson should be suspended from Duck Dynasty for paraphrasing from St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians in which he lists those who won't reach heaven (1 Cor 6:9-10:... more

Hooray!!! Steve Stockman, staunch conservative Tea Party favorite, will challenge Senator John Cornyn in the Republican Primary. Where do you stand on this? Texas needs two conservatives in the Senate, not just one. Business As Usual... more

We are continuously treated to distractions of all kinds designed to keep us hopping from one "crisis" to another. We pay Iran to continue to develop nukes, we have burger flippers wanting DOUBLE the pay, we have... more

IT'S TIME TO GET MAD! WE ARE LOSING THE US REPUBLIC! How long do we have to watch ineffective Republicans "lose with dignity"? There is no such thing as a "moral victory". Democrats care only about their party and Republicans... more

These boneheads in Congress really don't get it! The policies that have been canceled are gone forever! That market has been destroyed by Obamacare! What's next forcing people to buy something they don't want? Oh wait! THAT'S... more

The GOP (RINO) Establishment has all but annointed the Fat Man as the 2016 nominee. HUH???! This guy loves Obmacare, Unions and Obama himself! Some say we need someone who can win. In exit polls Tuesday CHRISTIE... more

No longer content to just be the Bystander in Chief Obama has upped the ante. He is going out and telling barefaced lies to any who will listen and adore! Along with his accomplice Sebelius this bonehead has never and will never read... more

Can anyone from Kansas explain how someone so imcompetent as Sibelius was elected governor???? This is an outrage and presses the case for sovereignty. However, let's move on to the next disaster, AMNESTY for illegal aliens.... more