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The New Republic of Texas

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Musings with Pete Moss and The Honest Liberal. Sometimes with guests both famous and infamous.

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If you try to kill us in Texas, we'll kill you back! We also won't let you and your newly discovered favorite government tool, the U.S. military run around in our state unmonitored. Governor Greg Abbott is doing the right thing and we don't... more

We have our quarterly riots in Baltimore while the democrats say that it's better to let people's life savings go up in smoke than for the police to do their job. Basically it's about getting free stuff and having a party, not police victims.... more

Why are those WalMarts mysteriously closing? The Hillary campaign continues to take hits from ?Uranigate?, Benghazi and other areas as she and her husband continue to pathologically lie about it. Every time they open their mouths a lie... more

Hillary Clinton has begun her fabulous Magical Misery Tour on the bus. It really must gall her to have to get out and press the flesh in Iowa and eat at a Chipotle Grill. She is used to flying high and living off the donations of Chinese and... more

Obama definitely stinks as president and Dick Cheney thinks he's the worst. Rahm Emanuel winks at the press as he uses the Sam Giancana vote tabulation system to win in Chicago. Rand Paul officially enters the presidential race but... more

It's all over but the crying. Obama has created a regional nuclear war situation. At the same time we are letting tons of uninvestigated moslems into the country. The federal government is asking your bank and anyone else to rat on you whenever... more

Obama continues to do everything possible to surrender to the Iranians and all but build a highway to Jerusalem for them. Jeb Bush has his own email problems as it's discovered that he had his own private email too. Ted Cruz announces... more

Obama and his minions have a pretty clear path to dictatorship albeit a soft one but nonetheless a dictatorship. The U.S. has always been a nation of apathy towards politics with flashes of activism and concern. However, we are at one of... more

Obama and Holder and eventually Lynch will start agitating for a national ?unbiased? police force in the wake of the recent Ferguson sniper shootings. This will lay the ground for an easy transition to martial law and then... more

Han Solo crashes? What about the Force? We might as well talk about that as less fantasy than the scenarios used by the Obama White House. Iran won't get nukes with the new agreement, illegal alien amnesty is on hold, and Hillary... more